Maze Waterproof BT Spkr w/LCD Display

I got this around this past December, if I am not mistaken. I love it. Although it doesn’t go loud enough to have blood dripping from my ruptured ear drums, it is loud enough to get me scolded by my wife after I belt out a rousing rendition of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing at 6 am when I’m getting ready for work. “Thanks for waking up our 10 month old who was up most of the night.” Geez, lady… I digress. The technical type stuff. Comes with a charger. I lost it, actually, after the first charge because after daily use (mostly Bluetooth Christmas stations on iHeartRadio year round) I finally had to recharge the bugger after about 5.5 months. I paired the devices so seamlessly that I don’t even remember doing it.

TL:DR- If you like music in the shower, this is the best product/ price around.

Edit: I purchased it 1/1/2016 and paid 27.99. This is a great deal and I would still purchase it at that price. Great product, and great quality. OH!!! FM picks up really well even though I live out in the country. Zero static on 95(+)% of FM stations within 50 nm.

Does anyone know what version of bluetooth this little guy has?