Maze Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Got these to run with and I like them, but you may want to know a couple of things before deciding to buy. There’s only one size of earbuds so if you have large or small ears you may have a problem, it happened to work out for me. If you have an iPhone, there’s no way to activate Siri. Holding the play/pause button causes it to unpair.

Save a couple of bucks and get it where I did.

Why is this a thing? Why would I want a collar around my neck when there are headphones that just connect with a wire between each ear? Seems this always looks dumb, 100% of the time, but somehow I keep seeing people with them…

I got these on a previous woot, they’re pretty ok, though they seem to have their own volume level for system sounds that it doesn’t remember, remedied by not having them in on power on/off
It can go at least 7 hours of music play from a full charge, though when it’s low you get a LOW BATTERY PLEASE CHARGE message every 20~ seconds at maximum volume

I have another version. I think lots of places sell these. I’m pretty happy with my HV800 model from Amazon. Yes, the speech prompts are at a high volume. Annoying but not a dealbreaker.


The collar holds a much larger battery than would be available on wireless headphones connecting with just a wire between each ear. Also, you can remove the buds temporarily and have them remain on your neck in the meantime.

Further, having used both kinds, these can be more comfortable for extended wear. The “wire between the buds” type put all the weight on your ears. It’s not a ton of weight, but I find it becomes distracting after an hour or two. This puts most of the weight on your collar bone.

These look identical (nearly) to my LG HGS-730s I bought a couple years ago. I bought a groupon for one like these last week with the name ‘APT HB-800’, only to discover they don’t sound as good nor function as well nor are designed as well as the LGs. The ear pieces of these knockoffs didn’t even fit in the ends of the headset (for storage) like they should. If you like this design (some do, some don’t), I’d suggest paying the extra $$ for the LGs.