Maze Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Currently on Amazon for 17.99. Factor in the $5 shipping here and they’re exactly the same price. Not really a deal…

And I know the list prices are always inflated to some degree but come on!

Bought a couple of these for work and they didn’t last long. Wish they had.

Very helpful will teaser ha day see what’s out there same price range and maybe newer tech. Sometimes we get a great deal and we become 1 track or 1 lane buyers of truest no home work TY

Helpful I wish I knew how long till crapped out and how intensely they were used. I use my ear buds that came with phone save average is 1-2 hours a week and think that’s pushing it probably 2 hours every other month

Got one of these from another site. I’ve been using them for running for several months and they work well. Two things you might want to be aware of: they only come with one set of earbuds, so you’ll have to hope they fit for you and if you have an Apple device, there is no way to activate Siri from the headset.

Not $17 on amazon, but now $24

I bought one of these the last time they were on. Fully charged, the battery lasted 5-10 minutes before it started cutting in with battery is low. They also get really warm. Maybe, I got a junk unit, but not willing to spend more money to find out. In my opinion, these units are junk and a waste of money.

I have this exact pair. They will not stay synced from my phone in my shirt pocket to the headphones being around my neck. They will cut in and out all day long. It is not my phone either because I got mad and bought another set from another company and they will stay synced over 20 feet. One of the worse purchases I have ever made.

Not a good headset at all. The range is terrible - while mowing lawn I couldn’t listen to music without the phone being in my front pocket. When I put it in the back pocket or cargo pocket, it did not work. That’s not a huge difference in range but it made the difference in whether or not I could listen to music. You get what you pay for I guess - there’s no chance I’d ever pay the supposed list price of $59.99 for these. Wish I had saved the packaging because I would have returned this item.