Maztang 18-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Blower

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Maztang 18-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Blower
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Don’t forget, safety first!

useful if you live in say Florida, buy a real snowblower or get a 4x4 truck w/ a plow…

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and although we don’t get as much snow as Florida, this little electric snowblower has done fine for us for the past couple years. We have been able to keep up with a 6"-8" snow, no problem with this thing. As long as it isn’t too wet, it can toss the snow 10-15 feet. One thing I will say is keep in mind the cost for a cold weather rated extension cord. They can get pretty pricy and can be a pain to deal with while clearing, but you are tough, you’re a hockey player.

This thing is so light, I can hang it on a hook in my garage, keeping it from taking up valuable space.

I would love to own one of those hand-tractors or a 4x4 with a plow, just so I can feel like a real man, but then I would have to build an addition on my garage to store it. That just seems like too much work.

This electric thrower seemed like a prudent investment at $100 when I bought it 3 years ago.

Got this little guy last year on Woot!. Honestly very surprised how well it works. I live in NH and we got buried last year in snow. Had a couple of storms where the snow was higher then the intake piece on the machine itself and it managed pretty well.

As long as you have a small child (or other minion)to mind the cord for you these work quite well! My driveway is a bit too long for one of these though as I had to use a couple (cords and minions).

This is a good price on a by-all-accounts decent blower, but you might also want to consider the Snow Joe SJ621 on the mothership, which is only a few bucks more and comes with a light. I own the Snow Joe SJ623E, its slightly more powerful but otherwise quite similar sibling, and love it.

I also agree that you need an extension cord made for weather extremes and high amperage use.

I had one of these that lasted me two years, but it was more my fault that it didn’t last longer so I thought I would share my stupidity. If you are using this snow blower for just your walkway and only need an extension cord that is 10 feet long, go ahead and buy the cheap one. If you plan to use it on your full driveway, you will more than likely need a 100 ft cord…do not buy the cheap cord. You will need a cord that can handle 13 amps for that long of a distance and the recommended gauge is 14 (your cheap cords are 16 gauge). The cheap one will work for a while, but not only will you eventually start a fire where it plugs into the snow blower, it will also short out the electrical system in the snow blower and more than likely short out your outlet.
In my case it started the fire on the snow blower which almost started me on fire, it blew the fuse in the garage, and then blew my garage door opener as well. Then I had a half way done driveway, a bill for an electrician to come out and fix the outlet, and another bill for a new garage door opener. I don’t advise against electric snow blowers, just use them the right way. :slight_smile:

There’s a refurbished snow blower that looks extremely similar to this over in Tools & Garden for $95.

Number 5’s Mom.

Technically this device is a snow thrower, not a snow blower. If you zoom in on the photo, it’s labeled “snow thrower.” Snowblower is the colloquial term.

I don’t know that I’d buy a snow[bl/thr]ower from a brand that doesn’t even have a web presence. I agree with the other posters who recommend something heavier-duty.

Will it work in South West Florida?

Only west southwest Florida. It won’t work in south southwest Florida.