mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 10 Tablets

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mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 10 Tablets
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I hope they don’t have the blue pills next like last time…

Wow, what’s next, herbal viagra?

It was $9.99 for 20 last woot.

wut wut are these?

Shipping kills this deal.

These are a lot of fun. Did a shot of distilled white vinegar when I was trippin’ on M-Berries and it tasted good.

For anyone that’s confused, they block the sour receptors on your tongue for about an hour. Harmless fun.

Sounds very Fruity.

Is the corn starch derived from GMO corn?

The product description makes this sound like something I’d buy in a dark corner at a club.

One wonders about the potential bedroom applications.

Previous wootoff offering was 20 tabs for $9.99


So 50 cents cheaper a pack this offering.

I was sad I missed them last time, and I missed them again this time. I’m going to go pout now.


Are they going to sell the extenze pills again??? I have a ummmmm… friend that wants to try them…

The next item is a cordless phone?

these are for “Flavor Tripping.” They make food taste wierd. At least, this is how they were marketed by Thinkgeek. I think they are also marketed as a substitute sweetener.

“mberry fruit tablets transform ordinary foods into the extraordinary”

Does it work on your girlfriend?

You rush a Miracle man and you get lousy miracles!

Have fun storming the castle!


damn, just missed it!