mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 20 Tablets

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mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 20 Tablets
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Warning: not really a miracle.

Are these things kosher?

Do they taste like chalk? They don’t look gummy :frowning: I like all my miracles to be gummy.


Jack wants some more magic beans

I;ve always wondered about these…

I make have to give them a try

Are you kidding me?


And NOW I’ve seen everything. Try popping one of these before having a mint. haha.

It’s a miracle if people actually buy this jun.k

Warning: not really fruit.

Do you think they’ll have refurbs later? I’d rather save some money.

'mberry disappointed with this. I was hoping it was BOC time!

I have no freaking idea what these are…

I’m in for 3

Can anyone share any miracles these tablets have been able to perform? For $9.99 it seems like a bargain!

what the hell are these things?

Probably contain snake oil…

I wonder if they have these refurbished for a few dollars less?

I never understood the point of these things. If you are eating food you don’t think tastes good, then don’t!