mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 20 Tablets


Woot: now dealing drugs!

fifty cents a tablet! With shipping seventy five cents!! Pass

These things are actually pretty cool, you can trick out your taste buds… lemons taste fairly sweet and oranges will blow your mind. not a miracle, but pretty fun none the less

So what does it make Bacon Salt taste like?

Give one to your dog so poop tastes even better!

Is “miracle berry” just another name for dingleberry??? ftw???

They’re actually pretty awesome.

Poison?! are you kidding me?! This drink tastes just like berries!


If you take one of these it will make your perception of this WO killer seem more pleasant.

This isn’t really a deal if you buy three–Thinkgeek has them for the same price, and you can sometimes get free shipping there.

lol… I can only imagine…

hmmmm, anyone try miracle fruit before, is it really that crazy?


Good to know.

“PLEASE NOTE: This product poses a CHOKING HAZARD for children under 5 years of age. Adult supervision required.”

Yes, but does it make the screaming monkeys taste better for those six and older?

Mmmm, Chilled Monkey Brains that taste just like sweet berries!

These are amazing. You chew this up real good and get the juice to cover all over your taste buds. Then you can eat a lemon or a lime and it tastes extremely sweet, no sour/citrus at all.

Shouldn’t they just give these away?

Don’t listen to his lies!

I usually get these off ThinkGeek (roughly the same price: $15 for 1, $30 for 3). We have miracle fruit parties: we go to the farmer’s market and load up on fresh produce, then return to our place, pop some M, and go to town. You’ve never tasted cantaloupe so delicious, strawberries so succulent.

It’s like E for your tongue, and it wants to give all the fruit a backrub.

Omg, youve got to be kiddin

Hmmm… Not moving very fast, so I am guessing, it’s a very Small miracle? Time for lunch.