mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 20 Tablets

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mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets - 20 Tablets
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These taste great with crackers!

wootoff turned Frew-T

Is this FDA approved?


These things are amazing. Had a really fun night trying all sorts of weird things. Best was drinking lemon just straight and really liking it.

I got these during a previous Woot-Off. They aren’t $15-awesome.

If you ever get into eating contests with friends - drunk or otherwise - these are your secret weapon.

14.95 and free shipping with prime


and these are for…what?

I got the tablets 2 woot offs ago… it does work. The lemon juice did taste like lemonade… but it was not overly sweet like I thought it was going to be.


Really? Sold Out? Total woots: 1

Why the frakk would you even bother???

Stop wasting our time!

I had these a while back and they were a fun experience. My friends and I had a “Taste-Tripping Party” where we each took the berry and afterwards ate all sorts of foods. All I have to say is I ate a lemon and it tasted like an orange.


These enhance the flavor of what by what mechanism.

I’m going to lie down now.

I was reading the post and while I think that the mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets are great (tried them =)), I found bigger sized tablets (twice the size) being sold for the same price at www.sour2sweet.com . So you can basicly get 20 servings for about $15 which I personally think is a great deal.