McClean Private Reserve Syrah (6)

McClean Vineyards Paso Robles Syrah 6-Pack
$68.99 $̶1̶4̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 51% off List Price
2007 McClean Vineyards Estate Private Reserve Syrah, Paso Robles
2005 McClean Vineyards Estate Private Reserve Syrah, Paso Robles
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I have had both wines and they are both excellent. Well worth the price here. They have been working on liquidating these wines for nearly a year now and I am shocked there is any left.

Just got my 1.5 cases of 2007. Totally thinking about buying some more to add to my 8 bottles remaining of 2005.

Good stuff, unbelievable at this price point.

grrrr! getting ready to move cross country and am trying to get rid of (read: consume obscene amounts of) my wine surplus. the notes on the '05 broke me. quite literally. in for 2.

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This may be difficult to pass up. I think I’ll be able to resist, though. The one thing I don’t need is more Syrah.

now that’s just crazy talk…

Something seems off-kilter regarding acidity:

Is there really a tenfold difference in TA between the two vintages? If so, this needs a bit more elucidation.

Highly recommended… bought it quite often. Might pop open a bottle to celebrate its return.

Purchased this the last couple of times it was on wine woot. This is a very enjoyable wine and at this price it’s a no brainer. In for 3.

Who knows me a bit - I like to do my digging:
Now, they really mean it when they said they are going away… the website is offline :frowning:
this was their address:

Notice that there is suddenly a newcomer:
who is offering
“One Last Syrah
100% Syrah
Paso Robles”
“Steve McClean”
the domain was registered
Right around the timeframe when the retirement decision of Michael McClean must have been finalized.
Considering a few weeks time for an offer to come to woot, this fits into the timeframe when we then saw the wine offered on Woot…
so - is “One Last Syrah” this ?

It seems likely… see:

…and the internet domain registry lists an eMail address with “StevenMcClean” in the name - I will not share that address here publicly for privacy reasons even though it is technically a public record and you can look it up yourself.

If so - wishing Steve/Steven best of luck in the industry and that he will work with Woot also and not just with those grocery stores:

I wonder why he did not retain the name then - part of the sale to the new winemaker who bought their vineyard to not use the exact term “McClean Vineyards” going forward?

Personally I think that the “X” feels a bit forced. (Generation X?)

I hoped Woot would take over Michael McClean’s remaining juice :slight_smile:

I’m in. Regretted not stocking up at this price (or something very similar) when this was on a + deal recently. Redemption!

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Wow, thanks everyone. I was about to pass it up because my cellar has a lot of Syrahs in it already, but your reviews here sold me on it. It sounds wonderful.

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I love this stuff. Unfortunately, I live in Texas, where it’s too hot to ship wine. I’d buy if they’d promise to hold the shipment for 3-4 months.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. This is one of the best wines at any price point that I’ve purchased on woot.

I’ve got more than a couple of bottles of this in my cellar, but in for 3 (1 for me, 2 for my Dad in Minnesota.) :slight_smile:

Is your dad nearby?

+1 and in for another (at least one) set today. Love, love, love this stuff!

Now if someone can give me a push (either way) on the GB offer in plus before I complete my order today. Would appreciate additional feedback on that offer (in the appropriate thread is good).

Awesome QPR on these. Bummed that this is the last of it. I’m only halfway through the case from my last order (May/June), but I have to go in for another. I’ll let future random122 worry about finding space for it.

Despite the single bottle of this I tried being corked, I can’t ignore the myriad of great feedback, and the great price, IN FOR A CASE!!