McCulloch 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw


This is actually my second thought but I couldn’t find Crow T Robot saying “Heeeey a chainsaw!”

One of the best Simpsons moments!!!

I use to believe all that stuff that was said about electric chain saws…

“They’re only toys”, “okay for cutting twigs and small branches”, “need to be close to an electric outlet”. I use to believe it until I bought and used one and in so doing I discovered that there was little if any truth in those statements.

I now own 3 electric chain saws and one gas chain saw and use and rely on the electric saws more than the gas. They accomplish almost everything the gas saw does and they do it without the noise, without the endless pulling of the start cord, without the smelly fumes and at far less cost than using the gas saw. By the way, if you’re far from an electric outlet, you can use a small generator. I bought a small 900 watt generator from HF for $79 and have been using it for 3 years. So if you’re tired of pull starting a gas saw which simply will not start, give an electric a chance. And the McCulloch is a good one!

3 out of 5 stars at the mothership…

Good price, compare to $165 at Sears

I agree about the benefits of electric saws, but a 900 watt generator is way too small for this. This saw is rated at 15 amps which is around 1800 watts.

Their claim of 4.5 HP is nonsense. 15 amps is around 2.4 HP with a 100% efficient motor.

Have a bad back? Is the arthritis starting to bother you? As mentioned above sick of mixing gas and the associated stink and noise? But still want to do your own fire wood or take care of cleaning up around the homestead yourself? Electric chain saws are wonderful. Although mine is almost twelve years old a different brand and only rated at 2.5hp it is still kicking butt. Two to two and a half foot logs no problem, it and the 2000 watt generator go in the back of the truck with two fifty foot extension cords. Then the boys and I are off to the woods or any of the neighbors that need some trees gone because ninety percent of our heat still comes from wood.
A couple of years back the chain drive gear needed replacing as they are designed to strip rather than burn out the motor when binding, fifteen dollars had two of them delivered from the factory and we should be good for another fifteen to twenty years.
Have to admit that this one is so inexpensive and am tempted by the automatic oiler (have to squeeze mine every now and then). Oh, one last suggestion, save your old oil from when you change it in your vehicles for bar oil. Unless you have an old smoker of a car it is still plenty clean enough so why waste the money on new. Between my father and myself have been doing this for over forty years and never seen any difference.

I have the McCulloch MCC3516F. It’s a great saw. When I asked friends about getting a saw everyone said gas, but I hate small engine maintenance so I tried the electric. It really works amazingly well, I can’t imagine there’s much improvement to be had with a gas model. I’ve had a few trees downed by storms on my property the last few years, probably 10"-18" in diameter. It took care of them without a fuss. I’d definitely recommend the 3516. It seems like the 4516 may have some design issues based on the Amazon reviews. Proceed with caution.

I went out on a limb, (pun intended, so deal with it) and bought an electric saw to clean up after an ice storm. I loved it. I had little, but bad, experience with 2 gas powered saws 1 I purchased used and the other I borrowed. The gas power saws I spent so much time keeping the thing going, and starting it. The electric plug in and pull the trigger.
I am now an electric chain saw fan.
I have dropped 2 trees with it so far. I topped them off before I dropped them. I then trimmed the branches and sliced the wood for firewood. That reminds me I better finish the pine tree before it gets too warm again (warm for me not the saw).

I was wanting to pick one up for my 75 yr old dad. For cutting up the limbs that fall in his yard, but 21lbs seems a bit heavy for an elec. saw? I thought they were light, that seems like its heavier than his gas Stihl the same size.

Within same grade of saw, gas do have a higher power to weight ratio, especially if it’s a 2 cycle. Here’s the question - If he can’t handle a 21lb saw, can he handle the > 21 lb, 16" tree logs it can produce?

If not, get him a smaller saw. HF has a 14" on sale right now for $50 with a coupon.

On the other hand, since he has a gas stihl he arguably doesn’t need another saw. Although many cited their complaints about gas saws, Stihl makes great ones with high quality engines that need less maintenance than lesser consumer grade saws. At most when the day comes that it won’t run it will probably just need a carb cleaning and gasket swap which is easy to do.

On the other, other hand, if he finds electric more convenient he shouldn’t have too much trouble selling the Stihl.

The Stihl is great, was just wanting to get him a lighter saw for the small stuff. He had a craftsman elec. yrs ago that worked great and was really light weight. He Prob. would still have it, if I hadn’t cut the cord while trimming some of his tree limbs and dropped it as I was falling out of the tree screaming. Lesson learned, always be aware of where the cord is. I thought that saw was less than 5-10lbs.

Just searched McCulloch site,they have the saw weight at 9.6lbs in the owners manual. Woot must be showing total weight including case.

My father owns this saw. I have used it repeatedly, and it’s been nothing but great. In addition, it survived an 80 foot fall from near the top of a tree with only a minor crack- and it still runs like a champ.