McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit topic page for Saturday, August 27, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


WOOT-CRASTINATE(Credit to jpk)™!!! Taking forever to commit to buying the woot and winding up with a big fat SOLD OUT button [;)]

McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit $29.99 + $5 shipping

Cheapest on froogle is $49.32 shipped.

Well if you need this kit, it probably means you are broken down. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide some nice reading for those people who have to wait in your busted junk while you fix it because you were too cheap to have that tire plugged?

So don’t be a total heel and give them something to read 20% off coupon and get 6 magazine subs for $24

Click here for the magazine deal

or if you have kids that have to wait, how about being a hero and give them a a neat laser watch to play around with while waiting.

Laser watch with 50% off coupon

Now go repair that jalopy.


Everybody should have an emergency kit in their car!
Get a good first aid kit too!


sweetness…more stuff for the truck [:)]


WOOT! WOOT! Goodnight….


This is the funniest thing… Impact wrench auto kit.

Not for me… I am going to play with my blender


Hmmm, not bad, I’ll take 0!


I’m going to suggest this product to all my friends! YAY!


Nice if you have an emergency. I got one of these free in a contest and its great…WOOT ON!


Wow, Now this is what I ‘be been a needin’.

Hecky darn, ought to get won feer paw n’ Unkel Elmer, too!

Shame I’st can onlee git tree them bugers!


Neat Car kit, but don’t need. First Page!


not tonight…i’ll just go play with the contest stuff.


Geeze this was just here wasn’t it???


yo yo first time here don`t need though


Ugh, but at least I don’t have an annoying spam link for some worthless crap coupons like a jerk. get a life, those coupon web sites give you nothing but sapm, worms, pop-ups, viruses, and spyware! Go away, don’t hit those links!!!


first page?

unfortunately, not for me.


Ehh whats up doc very nice woot tonight


Not tonight…


No good…