McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit


[imgleft][/imgleft] McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit - Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Item qty: 1500, Last Order: 10:06 AM CST, Wooter to blame: Fredericksburg, VA
Order Pace: 0m 24.801s, Woot Wage: $4,448.13/hour.


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Quality Posts (people helping people):
[]kcmark has the link to the manufacturer’s info
]kschmohl explains why it’s “not a ‘totally’ bad idea” but ultimately “sort of ‘frivolous’”
[*]…but animallover offers a different opinion from a female perspective


IT’S IN THE WAY THAT YOU WOOT IT ™!!! - The color of money stays in your pocket [;)]

McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit $29.99 + $5 shipping

Best price on Froogle - $34.97 (but $14.95 Shipping!! Ouch!)

hey… more deals and online coupon codes at the w.w.w link below


Didn’t they just sell one of these?

Nevermind, it was some other auto product, wasn’t it?

Scratch that…they did already sell this thing.

It was the woot of Saturday, August 27. …trying to tell me I’ve been smoking something. plz


Here is the link to it on the manufacturer’s website – (you have to scroll down)




My pimped out broken Ford Taurus with everything standard doesn’t really deserve to have something of that quality, but if you happen to own a buffet, get me 20% off please


those dc impact wrenches are pretty cool.
and this one’s batteries won’t die on you
and you can spray paint your car with that compressor too!


NICE! Will Buy one in the morning after I see how much I got available in the bank and on the credit card! For once something I can afford and something I will actually consider!


what, no taser in the kit, i’ll pass! again!!!


You’ve been smoking something.


Worst. Woot. Ever.

Oh well, I already blew my wootcache on last night’s projector dealie. Thanks for that one!



this looks like a damn good deal? any thoughts or anything im missing?


The “I want one” is already jumping? Are we really down to 10%?



Kinda on the cheap end. . . the only reason I like this over most other ones I ever see is that it includes an air-hose. . . but price is close to what I would be willing to pay for it in a store. . . so not necessarily a great “WOOT” (discount item)


Holy fast posting, what’s the hype about the first page anyways? You don’t think this is a good deal? Wait until you are stranded on the side of the road in the bitter cold you’ll change your mind.


just want you need in an auto emergency!


This thing is weak. but if it gets the job done then it a decent deal


Anyone know of any reason you couldn’t use the compressor to inflate bike tires, inflatable sex,uh, I mean, pool toys, etc?


Hmmmmmmmmmm, might need one. Maybe.