McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit


[imgleft][/imgleft] McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit - Friday, November 18, 2005
Item qty: 70, Last Order: 1:17 AM CST, Wooter to blame: Trindog01
Order Pace: 0m 3.482s, Woot Wage: $31,002.12/hour.


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wootbot’s not doing too good tonight


Is this really next? refresh!

Edit: There it is

McCulloch Auto Emergency Kit
$29.99+ $5 shipping


i’ll buy it!





buy buy buy!! AWESOME WOOT!!!


this does not look like a braclet . sleep i need sleep


is woot borken ? ;.;…


WHere is it? Still sold out.


It’s on the blog , but not on the today’s woot page. So there’s a chance they are still deciding what to make the next woot.


Why can’t I see anything?!?


Anybody see it yet? I still see video card on the today’s woot page. How much?


anyone think this is LAME!!?!?!


crtl- alt - del


no need for this bad boy… :slight_smile:


hehe dosent help in a dead battery emergency


This is funnier than Disneyland
woot off


must buy, need I want one, …


all i know is the video card finally sold out, i have a huge bio exam tomorrow and I’m glued here trying to see what’s coming up next…