McEvoy Ranch Red Piano Blend (4)

When I try to order this I get this message: We’re sorry, but there’s a problem processing your payment from this website. Please contact the seller for assistance. Was able to order the Wine Smith though. Help?

Is your state listed as one of those that are ok for this offer? The list varies from Woot to Woot. Depends on whether the winery carries a license to ship to that state.

Yes, it is. I just double checked. Still getting the same error message.

What state are you trying to order for? I’ll ask the Wine crew to look into it!

Illinois. Thanks for the help!

I’m having the same issue with ordering.

I’m having the same issue, too. Ordering from Illinois, for delivery to Illinois.

I hope this gets fixed. I think this is a sleeper of an offer.

McEvoy ranch does everything top shelf. This is a great wine for the price IMO.

We tried to fix it. Are you still having the same issue?

Still not working for me. :frowning: Can you tell I really want this wine! Had it before and it’s excellent.

It’s still not working for me, unfortunately.

** Bad news about this offer**: It looks like the error is on Amazon’s end of the ordering system and it may take longer than average to be resolved. So far no one has successfully been able to order this wine, and that’s terrible because everyone who has had it previously says it’s really good. I’m so sorry about the trouble with this offer. We are working with Amazon developers to get it resolved- but they are a rather unpredictable group, so I’m not able to provide an estimate about when this will be resolved.

Again, sorry.

Was just able to order so it’s fixed! Thanks for your help. I really enjoyed this wine the last time it was offered so I was excited to order more.

YAY! Order all the wine!!

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That’s not where you normally see mill.

Also not usual is almost 2 days to the first woot.