McEvoy Ranch Red Piano - (Your Choice)

McEvoy Ranch Red Piano Blend - (Your Choice: “4-Pack” or “3-Pack with Gift Box”)
Sold by: McEvoy Ranch
$49.99 $160.00 69% off List Price
2012 McEvoy Red Piano Blend, Marin County

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Where is the option to buy 4 gift boxes for $50? :tongue:

This is quite a bit cheaper than last time, and I felt like I got my money’s worth that time. Really nice syrah based blend. Great wine you don’t have to think twice about popping open at this price! I’m trying to reduce inventory right now but might pick up a set before the day is done

What happened to Maryland? It has been missing the last several deals.

Find a friend in DC, and Wootleg it.

So…anyone taste this? Kind of wondering where it’s at and how long it can go. Might be interesting with a few years on it? May pick up some of that olive oil whilst I’m at it.

I just read the winemaker discussion from last time. Seems like a great deal at this price. In for 3!

4th bottle of wine or cardboard box? Decisions, decisions…

Interesting location; we used to hunt deer all over these Marin hills and ranches in the '60s … they were all dairy ranches then.

Drat! No Ohio… which really is a mixed blessing I suppose after those Woot Offs :smiley: Looks like a great deal though!

So you were hunting dairy cattle back in the '60s?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist based on info provided!!! I was a hunter too, but had to give it up because of a bad back. Still fish though!! Happy Holidays, RPM!!!

No, fair enough… plenty “deer hunters” can’t tell the difference! You remember Tom Lehrer’s Hunting Song: … I’ve got ten stuffed heads in my trophy room right now… two game wardens, seven hunters, and a pure bred Guernsey cow!

Because my dad was a bacteriologist at the local state animal and poultry pathology lab, all of the ranchers within Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties (at least) were happy to give him (and me) permission to hunt over their ranches. It was a hoot: most of the ranchers chased hunters without permission off with rock-salt-loaded old 10 gauge doubles, but I’d just drive up to the ranch house, tell them who I was and ask nicely. I don’t ever remember being turned away.

OK this sounds good in for 1.

Last Wooter to Woot:

I’m gonna miss this place, but at least i’ll have more money.

per the old days. Hint?

A man was an avid hunter but felt badly because he was away from his wife so much, so he decided to teach her how to hunt. He bought her a rifle that was just right for her and taught her how to shoot. On the day they went out hunting together he put her in a stand by herself. Later in the morning he heard her shoot. He went over to her stand and she was pointing her rifle at a guy wearing a cowboy hat. He asked his wife, “What happened?”, and she said, “I shot a deer and this man says it’s his!”. The guy said, “Ma’am, you can have it. Just let me get my saddle.”


I grew up listening to Tom Lehrer - as well as Shel Silverstein.

Sounds like a clip from Robert Roark’s The Old Man and the Boy.

Later on, she shot that tractor that was clearly a Deere.