McKlein Chatham 17” Wheeled Laptop Case

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McKlein Chatham 17" Wheeled Laptop Case
$74.99 + $5 Standard OR $13 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Why does a laptop case need wheels…?

Very nice looking. If only I had a laptop. Sigh.

Seriously?! This thing is so stupid!

I’m gonna say it. This is a pretty lame Woot-Off so far.

Because if you’re traveling on business, a laptop case on wheels is a lifesaver! (Or at least a back & shoulder saver.)

I don’t have this particular one, but I love my laptop case on wheels.

I’ve had three professors who’ve used them to haul their laptop and books.

I’d buy it but it’s too rich for my blood. Leather. Le Sigh.

People who walk miles through airports. Husband who travels 100 nights a year and has bursitis in shoulders would be so screwed without one.

lol…ducking auto correct

How much bacon will it hold?

hrm…earlier I asked where the 17" laptop love was.

where’s the winning lottery ticket love??

(note: I was going to ask about the pony love. My brain immediately noted I’m on the internet, and did not want that answer.)

Why? Because some of us geeks who travel pack them full… laptop, tablet, portable scanner, surge protector, wireless modem, backup drives, a change of clothes in case the airline loses our luggage, any meds we need to schlep, etc. My laptop case weighs a ton – and I have a bad back – so wheels are a necessity.

On the other hand, mine is a hardcase – why? Because why would you put your expensive gear in something soft-sided down where people are walking and might kick it?



And if you schelp a 17" or 18" laptop – that alone warrants wheels.

My 17" laptop with extended life battery weighs almost 10 lbs. After a few minutes, it’s a real drag to carry it…

Was this designed by Calvin’s Irish brother?

I’m home from work…what did I miss?

Lots and lots of Apple accessories, and very little bacon.

MIL just called asking for ideas for husband’s birthday next month…in for one.

my name is barfalamew