McKlein Chatham 17” Wheeled Laptop Case

I am shocked by the amount of people who seem to be shocked by this item. For the right administrative assistant or jet-setter, it’s a great deal.

Maybe the leather is from pigs that were turned into bacon?

has there been a bag of crap since this woot off started?

We’re out of butter, the cat puked on the upstairs rug again, and Aunt Martha, after having taken a walk in the woods, is lying in a ditch at the edge of town.

I thought the SAME THING!!! WHY is no one demanding a Bacon Overly Crispy yet???

FYI - check eBay, I looked and there are " buy it now" auctions and regular auctions cheaper then woots price. Same item, same specs.

If I ever shell out some cash for an executive-style laptop bag, it’s going to be one of the Graceship ones. Preferably the blue.

OK, I’ve not been reading the community posts lately. What happened to the lolcatz and the pictures of hot women? It’s just not a good wootoff without these things!

My first and last post here. WOOT you have now officially lost everything that ever made you cool and unique. A shill for Amazon, the WOOT off has become a joke front for what used to be nice way to pick up cheap and techie stuff (refurbed sometimes)but with the hope of a BOC. A $280 rolling laptop case for $75 ? Really ? Yes, the write ups are worth a read but I’m done with you.

Apples are like the opposite of bacon. wtf?

They’ve been replaced by bacon conversations. I’m sure you can find that ridiculous Burger King commercial with the “Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch” and ridiculous jingle/advertising girls.

Applewood smoked bacon is tasty.