McKlein Mayfair Ladies' Laptop Case

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McKlein Mayfair Ladies’ Laptop Case
$70.00 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $13 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Its a bag of… well its just a bag… CRAP

And does anyone remember Mayfair Markets?!

Long before the interwebs! Before computers…before cell phones…just Before!

I didn’t go to bed, the boss may not like that–I was telling the other poster goodnight who said they were going bed.

/nice bag!

nice looking, will go fast.

Well we’re heading in the right direction.

3 am, ladies laptop bag and there are at least 20 of them. yawn
cough, I mean its so cute buy it as fast as possible =D

Woot trying to drive up their user/traffic stats again.

All these onsey twosey items are generating a lot of refreshes I’m sure.

We are Bored…you will be Woot-similated!

Hey, Woot, what’s with the gender stereotypes? You’re scaring off half of your potential customers. I’m a man, and I should feel free to carry my laptop in this bag* if I so desire. I don’t, but still.

*glorified purse

We don’t do a gender check when you purchase an item so you’re free to order.

Besides, I’m pretty sure McKlein made that choice, not us.

It’s also emptying our warehouse.

fits up to 15.4" laptops, so this will not fit todays most popular screen size 15.6"

I brought my new “Chris Freytag” popper in tonight, pocorn DOES make everything more fun!

How much popcorn will that bag hold?

I’m munching on these:

I’m a manly man and I take my Woot purple Stanley tool bag into work every night–I now know why chicks carry purses.

no bacon?

No bacon but my son had some for breakfast yesterday at Waffle House. Does that count?

absolutely waffle house is the beez kneez