McKlein USA Laptop Cases

Bought the Francesca, Quincy, and Scottsdale last time these were up. All look great. The husband is super happy with his Scottsdale and has been using it daily for his work. I’ve been using the Francesca, but I’m happier with the Quincy, I think. The faux leather came with some sort of weird fold marks on the front, which distract from the overall professional look. but on the plus side, my 17" laptop fit inside. not in the little sleeve thing, but in the bag overall, so that’s nice.

I’m thinking maybe the real leather is the way to go on these.

Somebody on Amazon went crazy due to the use of “bonded leather” in a version of this bag I found there. However, the follow-up comment by another Amazon user indicates that the label “genuine leather” indicates 100% leather product (not leather+cardboard).

Should we be interpreting this as 100% leather, or is “genuine leather” here still just bonded leather that is leather+cardboard?

When these were last offered (May 6) I purchased the Mayfair Genuine Leather Ladies’ Laptop Case 96305C for my wife and at the same price. Upon arrival I found the case to be a little more quality than I expected at that price which is not much more than a lower to mid level cloth case of the same size. It has plenty of space inside for the essentials she carries with the computer The wife loves it and again, I am well pleased with quality/price.

A word of caution look at the specs on any of these cases you are thinking about buying. Specifically, the inside dimensions. When I was looking at these last time I almost purchased the, 96166A Quincy Genuine Leather 15.4" Ladies’ Laptop Case for my wife. This case as well as the one I did get both state they will carry most laptops with up to a 15.4 inch screen. This case’s inside isonly 14” x 2” x 11”. How they state you can get a laptop with a screen larger than the inside of the case to fit, I do not know! My wife’s 15.4" (screen) HP of course is too large for that case and will not fit. That is why I purchased the one I did as it has an inside dimension of, 17” x 5” x 12.75” which of course is considerably larger. So, make sure you measure your laptop and compare to the specs or you may be very disappointed when your laptop will not fit in what you purchased.

Hello, This is Michael from McKlein.
You’re right, best to have your laptop nearby to check size. We follow computer manufacturers’ method of diagonal measurement for screens. The surrounding casing is often thin and not an issue. To be safe measure diagonally, outside edge to outside edge.

Michael from McKlein here. You will see many terms bandied about when companies are describing inferior products. We say leather and what type of leather because our leather bags are made with, you guessed it, quality leather. Our faux bags are made with quality faux. Kidding aside, look for clear descriptions and a warranty before you buy.

This is Michael from McKlein. Please send me a photo of the weird marks you mentioned and I’ll be back to you with an answer and do everything we can to make you happy, I mean happy with the bag, the rest is up to you.

I have been using the Halsted case for over a year and it is great. I get tons of complements on it. I was able to squeeze a 15" MacBook Pro into the sleeve, but it was a tight fit.

The bags aren’t particularly lightweight FYI.

Words to live by. Thanks WOOT Bot.

Hi there, this is Chettha from McKlein, I am glad you like your Halsted laptop case, we do make our cases with the highest quality, so in comparison to some other brands, some of our products might seem a bit heavier, but that is because we built them really well to last. Enjoy and let us know if we can help you in the future. Cheers!

Hi there, this is Chettha From McKlein Company, I am not sure where on Amazon you saw the post but if our bags say genuine leather, we use genuine leather and BTW we do not and never use bonded leather on any of our bags. So that post on Amazon is not true. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend.

Are these laptop cases TSA-approved (i.e. I don’t have to take out my laptop when I go through security)?

Hi there, This is Chettha from McKlein, none of these cases are TSA Check-point friendly, you do still need to remove your laptop out. But they are great cases!

Pictures sent!

Pictures received. We will replace your bag free of charge, including shipping. I will reach out to you to get shipping address.

Gotta say, one of the biggest points people seem to consider when buying from Woot is the limited return policy. It’s part of the “deal” to take the risk with the reward. When I posted about the marks on my bag, i was just looking to inform other consumers, and wasn’t looking for a replacement.

So here’s a follow up review- McKlein certainly does seem to stand by their product. Michael is replacing my bag with no charge to me. I wan’t to clarify that I have been using the bag as it was because I do like the look of the bag for the extra level of professionalism with femininity; I’ve just carried it with the marked side against my body. I’m thrilled that McKlein is willing to replace the bag and I’ll have a beautiful new one that can face the world while I’m at work. Couldn’t be happier, and would buy again.

I’ve been using the Halsted bag daily for the past year. It’s held up well, and looks great. I’ve had roomier bags but, in a pinch, I can really cram it full of my work junk. I have a history of being rather hard on my bags, and the McKlein is doing better than most.