McKleinUSA Laptop Cases

I have been traveling with the McKlein Damen for a few years now, and it is far and away the best wheeled briefcase with laptop compartments I have ever used.

If they are still including the small briefcase, the padded strap, and the rain cover, it may still be one of the best deals in town. I’m pretty sure I paid more than Woot’s current asking price for mine.

The ONLY maintenance issue I have had after 2.5 years or so was the screws on the telescoping handle beginning to work their way out. A few turns with a screwdriver and all was again right with the world.

The padding in the computer compartment is non-trivial, and there are retaining flaps in the middle compartment and many internal pockets for miscellaneous stuff like batteries, AC adapters and your phone.

If you are hard on bags and want wheels, don’t look back. Seriously.


If u ever walked into fossil or coach and liked their messenger bag and dreamt one up from woot, this is not it. It is bulky, huge, weird looking, zero style to it, zero, boring as boring can be.

That being said, it is pretty neat looking, nice compartments, nice storage space, holds 2 of my 15" laptops easily, spaces for business cards, phones, just really nice, nicely built, quality is nice, not bad.

But if u r trying to impress ur < 30 year old friend w a leather bag u r in the wrong section.