McKleinUSA Laptop Cases

In May, 2016 I purchased a Ladies leather case for my wife to use with her laptop. The exact model is not listed here today but I can tell you for the $70 (plus $5) paid, I got a heck of a deal! This brand is constructed very well and has a lot of eye appeal. The one I gave my wife has stood up very well and still looks brand new. Dollar to value, these are very nice cases and you will be happy with your purchase.

McKleinUSA Hyde Park 15735C Black Double Compartment Laptop Case - Price Comparisons

******As Woot is not offering today the exact same case I mentioned in my above comment, I picked out the closest model the are offering to make my comparisons.

WOOT Today = $79.99 + $5 S&H - Total, $84.99 = $129.79 + Ships Free - Total, 129.79 = $124.99 + $17.24 (est. shipping to NC, 28461 - shipping will very) - Total, $142.23

EBay = $133.99 + Ships Free = Total, $133.99

*******In my random search I found the above prices but of course I did not search every possible offering on the web so your search may find differing prices and some may even be lower as well as higher. However, my search does show Woot to beat the best price I could find (Amazon) by $44.80

McKleinUSA 41655 Lincoln Park Leather Three-Way Computer Briefpack - Black

Can anyone tell me why Woot is selling this product for more money than Amazon is ? Woot is selling this for $139.99 + $5.00 shipping & Amazon is selling the same product for $137.99 & if you have Prime shipping is free ??? Makes me want to cancel my membership with Woot ! Woot used to have really good deals that no one could beat ! Seems ever since Amazon bought them it’s just another forum for Amazon to sell there products ! Woot is going to lose a good customer that buys a lot of products , if I see this again I won’t waste my time shopping here anymore !!!:rage::-1:

kencan420: Looks like the price is higher now.

What is the width of the Wenonah laptop section? I need to know if it will fit a laptop that is 14.7" wide (with a 15.6" display).