McKleinUSA Laptop Cases

Interior dimensions on the Halsted are 14", yet a 15.4" laptop should fit? seems unlikely.

Measurements for laptops & TVs are a diagonal measurement.

Awww. I’ve been interested in a particular McKlein USA bag for a couple of weeks, but knew Woot’s had sales for them in the past, and was hoping you would again. But you don’t have the Isabella! The Mayfair and Quincy won’t fit my laptop (15.6 inch screen). :frowning:

One note about the Halsted (and perhaps other McKlein models)- I got this about a year ago, and was surprised to find that the belt-style buckles are just decorations. Underneath, there are snap-type buckles that actually keep the case closed. I have to say I was disappointed; although a casual observer wouldn’t notice this, it was embarrassing when they did, especially because I bought this to be a ‘professional’ looking item to use in a business setting. Instead, it felt sort of silly, like wearing a pair of nice dress shoes with velcro fasteners instead of laces.

It’s also fairly heavy, though I knew that going in. It seems well-made and like it wouldn’t fall apart, but in the end I just gave it away.

What’s the difference between this one on Woot.

•McKleinUSA 80715 Damen Leather 2-in-1 Removable-Wheeled 17" Laptop Case.

and this one on Amazon?

Amazon has the original list price at $225 and Woot has the original list price at $450.

Big difference. Is there something different between the two?

Got the Mayfair the last time on Woot, and I’m treating it particularly badly in hopes it would require a replacement soonest. Too fake-looking (only some of it is “Italian leather”) and way too heavy/bulky to hold that other 20th-century thing I have to haul around called paper files… That said, nice compartments, convenient pockets, decent padding, good attention to details on the inside. THE thing I absolutely detest is how the (heavy, PVC-y, unyielding) handles lean inwards and cross over each other when the bag is standing, so I need to wrestle my laptop in and out every time through this basketweave of handles covering the opening… Folding the handles over and sticking them in the same side pockets clears the way. Bah!