Me MEElectronics

I’ve owned a few different pairs of MEElectronics earbuds and I will attest to their FANTASTIC quality for the price… My favs were the M31P-BK
GREAT bass response and for the price they’re hard to beat… I’m interested in trying their BT headphones… $50 for BT headphones that aren’t complete crap is a GREAT deal

The M16s look like they have an inline mic as well, or is that just a play/pause cable remote?

Me too…i have some old sbh600s that lose connectivity frequently. not sure if it’s them or my phone though.

Actually, what the hell’s the deal with Woot’s pricing. The list price is 79.99, not 99.99. This new method of showing discounts is terribly disingenuous. Still a perfectly decent deal at honest discounts.

I’ve owned the MEElectronics SP51P, A161P and the HT-21.

All VERY well built, sound great, ship fast and great customer service.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. The list price of the BT headphones is $99.99 on MEElectronics site:

We have had three pairs of MEE headphones and have never been disappointed. Bought the CW-31’s on two previous Woots; got one for my wife and subsequently bought a second pair for myself. Great warm sound from the wooden headphones and they are light and comfortable. The CW-31’s are not as “bassy” as my other MEE headphones (M6P-BK) but they are not lacking in bass either. Great headphones for the price.

My dog likes headphones. Only pair she didn’t manage to destroy (on the first try) were MEElectronics SP-51s. Of course, I left them laying around and she got them good the second time. Hence ordering three pairs today.

the picture must be of some other product; the tech specs clearly say the M16 has 3 pin stereo connector, but picture clearly shows 4 conductor plug (4th = mic)

Hmmm, I’ve sent an email to get that checked out. Thanks for the info.

I bought a pair of CW31 months ago. They sounded pretty good, but the earbuds fell apart from very light use (maybe 3 times a month) in less than 6 months.

WARNING - I bought this bluetooth headset & one side of them does NOT work! I paid $50.00 for them at that time! I tried at least 4 times to contact MEElectronics both via email & by phone & got NO response to exchange them for a working pair! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! And Woot has NOT responded to my request sent via email either! I don’t even want a refund I just want a headset that works! Why no response to me WOOT? Take a look @ my account, I’M A HUGE CUSTOMER! Here is my order info. for them:
10/14/2012 - Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Order #41697574 Woot $50 Shipped

I couldn’t believe you still have some of these when all I’ve wanted was a working pair in e October! Come on Woot, please please somebody respond to my request, PLEASE!!!

I own a pair. I got them at google offers for 11.99. I have seen them advertised on Ebay for 15.99. Great quality, but CERTAINLY not 79.99 good…

Sorry about the confusion there folks…according to the reply we received this morning, the images are incorrect for the MEElectronics M16 In Ear Headphones - Metallic.

The specifications are still all correct in the sale, the sale however does NOT include a mic as pictured.

Please excuse us for this hiccup as the images should be changed very soon to reflect the actual product being sold.

If you have any further issues with the sale, please feel free to ping us here or email into Woot Member Services at if you have any questions about your order.

I have the air-fi in a different color. They sound great for a Bluetooth and are quite similar to the Bose OE in sound and comfort.

*pics have been changed

I’ve had the same pair of headphones (M16Ps - the version with the mic) for almost a year now. Originally, I was looking for headphones that wouldn’t crap out after a month, and these have exceeded my expectations. They still work and still sound awesome, and depending on the silicone tips, they also cancel out noise during playback. I use them daily for a good 4 - 5 hours.

Bottom line: They’re extremely well made, they last along time, they’re durable, and look pretty sweet too.

EDIT: Also, on a sidenote, since I mentioned that I have the ones with the mic (and maybe that’s what someone might be looking for) - the mic is also of pretty good quality. Calls through them are a little bit foggy, but I haven’t heard any complaints from whoever is on the other side of the line. The only downside is that I can’t use it anymore due to my Droid’s stupid headphone jack design.