Meade 10 x 50 Binocular 6 Piece Backpack Outdoor Set says ‘‘bag is smelly’’…

Does Bear Grylls come with this?

it’s my greatest ambition to have enough money to simply impulse buy everything that seems cool for even the slightest of moments.

Designed for those who love to travel, watch sporting events, observe nature or just enjoy the outdoors

So…just saved myself $30, since this is not me.
I’m pathetic. But I have Woot.

haha i saw that! what a thorough review.

You could do a number on them with that multi-tool!

I got this a year ago or so, definitely worth the price and then some

only 9… sold out before it started

hmm this is interesting anyone know if the binoculars and the multi tool are any good in this pack?