Mean Sheets

I bought the 380TC percales last time they were offered. Champagne isn’t an especially pretty color, think paper bag with a slight pink tint, but they’re great, sturdy, comfortable sheets, deep pocket on the fitted sheet, with elastic all the way around (finally a sheet that stays on my bed!)

Just sorry they aren’t offering extra pillowcases this time.

I’m in for 3!

Made in Packistan? You guys need spell check.

ROFL. Interesting typo. Fixed now.

Is there something wrong with me if I immediately lose interest once I know the sheets are not 100% cotton?

The percale sheets are 100% cotton and are very nice. I wish they had the extra pillowcases like the last time, though.

Bought these last time they were up … nicely oversized, all cotton, in for more

Does the King size fit a Cal King mattress?

Which TC were you looking at?

What makes the Queen sized 380 TC Percale sheets $10.00 more than the 600 TC sheets?

The 600 TC sheets are sateen weave, and the 380 TC sheets are percale.

I prefer percales, but they’re harder to find. These are quite nice for the price.

Do a bit of research on the merits of each weave, and you’ll know if that $10.00 difference is worth it to you.


Did the sheets you got have a brand on them? When I searched for 380TC sheets on Google the first thing that popped up was Hotel Fine Linens and they are notorious for having a bad thread count (600 was really 240). If they are truly 380TC sheets I may buy a set, but at the moment I’m leery. I want to re-do my guest room because the sateen sheets I have on there now are soft but so slick they just fall off of you and the bed.

I’m not sure they’ll fit, but I’m double checking with our buyer. I’ll update you when I hear back.

UPDATE: The king size will not fit a California king mattress. Sorry. :frowning:

blcookin- The 380 TC sheets have no brand name on them at all. The cardboard insert in the zippered packages has a design and shows the size, but that’s it. I think I looked at the labels on the sheets themselves, and it only gave care instructions.


I am with the manufacturer of the 380 TC sheets. These were not sold under the Hotel Fine Linens Brand. These are a legit 380 Percale weave sheet set. Excellent price and value combination.

Hi bedding1 - I agree, these are great sheets!

Could you please offer extra pillow cases like in the last sale? I use King pillows with my Queen sheets.



The pillowcases from the last deal sold very quickly!! We are working with Woot to offer some additional pillowcases for future deals, but we don’t have any at this point!

Glad you enjoy the sheets!

Thank you for the follow-up