Mucho meat! Someone’s ready for a traditional Polish Christmas!

And the shirt.woot voters add bloody to cute…not really surprised. Vegetarian chef looks suitably horrified.

Om nom nom nom! Yay first sucker!

DARN I wanted to be the first sucker! Grr!

There must be more meat bunnies in the future, so I can succeed!

Is this shirt Kosher?

You Have to Try this Guys was the first woot shirt I ever bought…so much nostalgia.

Strangely enough, this shirt had made me hungry.

Meatatarian bunny has previous experience … and you know that once you start, you can’t stop.

I have this, and I adore all the funny looks I get when I wear it. Meatatarian has big shoes to fill!

Woooo, Yay Fablefire. I am soo waiting for Bake it so, tomorrow, to finish the cooking derby’s complete sweep of the double take. =D

Clackamas represent <3

I like how the vegan chef doesn’t even see what’s going on.

And the meatatarian chef is just thinking: “Bacon, bacon, bacon!”

Meat is murder…tasty tasty tasty delectable murder.

Yeah! I want to offer congrats to fablefire on her first print since rejoining the woot community.

It is nice to have you back in print, it brings back so many fond memories of when I first joined woot.

Are those dead bunny ribs?

Aw, I see this shirt as the story of a bunny with a dream. One day, little Billy Bunny was out with his bunny pals looking for carrots to munch on. But Billy found a special treat and no sooner had sunk his bunny buck teeth into then he knew he had to learn how to cook this delicious meal for all his friends. So he enrolled at a culinary institute where he could pursue his passion. He of course immediately declared a Meatatarian major and was lucky to have famed grill-master Bobby Flay assigned as an advisor. Billy is hoping to graduate this year summa cum BBQsauce and hopes to move to New York to open his own meat only restaurant.

Haha I love it! I’m definitely the meatatarian.

Didn’t RamyB already do this shirt?
How many carnivorous bunny shirts do we need? =/

This is hilarious, I’m a vegan and I’m seriously considering this shirt!