Mederma SPF 30 Scar Cream, 2-Pack

Mederma SPF 30 Scar Cream, 2-Pack

First of all, that’s the 0.07 ounce size (20g… the little one), so it’s more expensive per unit than my local pharmacy charges, and second, you are not advertising the expiration date, so since this is on Woot, it leads me to believe that’ll I will have less than a month to use it. Every HBA item I buy on Woot always gets returned, because the dates are terrible. Here’s a 12 month supply of toothpaste, but use it quickly. because it expires in 3 weeks. Advertise the dates, PLEASE!!! You never do.


Hi, the expiration on these is over 18 months from now, it expires on 8/23.

These are retailing for $17 for a one pack on amazon, Woot is selling a 2 pack for $24.99.

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We were in a MVA and the impact was so great that the rear passengar window shattered bc my daughter’s face hit it (all while strapped in a carseat).

Thankfully there was an amazing plastic surgeon on call who took his time to stitch the quarter size hole in her forehead, where you could literally see her skull, with as much detail and precision he could possibly have put into it.

We then used this stuff, many times a day, for a very, very, very, very long time to help reduce the scar. It got expensive, but was well worth the investment.

She is 19 now and no one even sees the scar.

I highly recommend.

I have a pretty big scar on my cheek from a crash about 8 years ago. My kn95 mask has covered it up pretty well but I’ll give this a shot!