Medicine/Personal Safe - 2 Colors

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Medicine/Personal Safe - 2 Colors
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Don’t let the heavy-duty looks deceive you: This is a plastic box with a lock that can be defeated with a Bic pen. It can be torn out of the wall and broken open with a rock, or the lock opened without leaving any evidence of a break-in.

That said, it is at least probably sufficient for its use-case: Hiding your drugs from the casual thief and keeping them out of the reach of children. This is not a Bad Thing.

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Check out this video [youtube=oQ4oUheDH38][/youtube]

I can’t imagine this being very secure for just $20. Nice for keeping small children from getting into it. I’d like to get one, just not sure this is the one for me. Maybe someone will have a good idea in the comments for another use.

I’m in for one. I only need something to deter a newborn & a 4 yr old, so this is perfect. $20 + s/h is a little more than I think it’s worth, but I can’t wait.

Sounds like you know from experience… :confused:

Serious question here, couldn’t anyone order a key & have all the keys fit all of the medicine safe boxes? I mean if this is meant to deter a nosy visitor, what is to say said visitor wouldn’t be even more curious as to what you’d lock up & get their own key easy enough.

And yes I do think I know people THIS nosy & no I cant’ lock them out of the house, we are related. And mostly I would use it, if I had one, to keep my little ones out of it. I actually use a tackle box on top of the fridge for now & being as Motrin is the strongest med in our house I doubt I have to worry about anyone who is tall enough to reach it. Anyone scouring my bathroom is sadly disappointed & will only find hairbrushes & band aids.

any info about heat and water resistance? Probably not like a fire proof box, but, will it, or the contents, melt in direct sunlight (exaggeration)? And if using on a boat, how well does it keep water out?

The newborn will be fine for a while. You can wait. For the four-year-old, use a high shelf.

You have to appreciate the person using screws through a mirror (glass) as if that is a safe or even doable solution.

Won’t accommodate tall pill bottles (Ibuprofen comes to mind) unless to lay them down.

Great idea for those with little ones though.

This is for keeping medications out of someone’s hands that shouldn’t have it or out of view. It’s intended use is indoors.

I wouldn’t expect it to be waterproof. While it will shield the medications from direct sunlight, the heat inside will not do much good for many medications.

Trying to think of what would qualify as “a high shelf” that would defeat the 4-year-old who visits this house. On the roof, maybe. Maybe not if she heard that there was something on the roof that she really wanted to check out. I would have to suggest either a box such as this, or a high shelf with 24/7 supervision.

I have to agree there. I was a monkey as a kid, so I’m told. My mom walked in and found me on top of the fridge when I was 18 months old. I’d open the cabinet doors and use them like a ladder.

My kids are getting old enough to know how to identify certain things. In for 1 just to keep my “stuff” safe.

Are you my sister-in-law? LOL! She did the same thing. Guess it is pretty common!!

Does anyone actually have one of these? Would this hold 13 normal (like 3/4 inch) pill bottles? I have to use a locked box to make a pick up every two weeks and the boxes I’ve used are always too large.

The video indicates the key is serialized, which means unless the visitor knows the serial number of your key, it’s not likely she can order one.

[QUOTE=mdwyerfoo, post:3, topic:417644]
Don’t let the heavy-duty looks deceive you: This is a plastic box with a lock that can be defeated with a Bic pen.

Good post, it looks metal and fairly heavy duty at that. I was thinking for $20 this is pretty solid. Solid it is not.

Looks like it would hold up to 16 small pill bottles (assuming a 3/4in tube has a cap no larger than 1.25in in diameter). The interior specs are ~11x2.5in, so it would fit 2 rows of 8 with a little room to spare, and possibly another 2 (total of 18) if the caps are smaller.

Short answer: Yes.