Medicine/Personal Safe - 2 Colors

I’m all for humiliation as a behavior modification tool.

Buy one of these boxes, put a luggage alarm in with a few pill bottles, and leave it clearly marked BECK’S MEDICINE in the medicine cabinet. The next time Aunt NosyWTFIsWrongWithYou goes thru your stuff, pulls the box out and starts shaking it and sets of the alarm… You won’t have to say a word. Other relatives will mumble not-very-quietly “Oh my gosh, did you hear that Sadie tried to steal codeine/viagra/xanax from Beck? …So sad, I hope she gets the help she needs…” over the next couple of years :slight_smile:


If someone wants in your safe, an expensive safe, they will get in it. Every brand of good safe has a you tube video showing how to break the code or locking mechanisms. This is good for young children under age 6, that’s about it.