Medicine Safe - White

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Medicine Safe - White
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I’m assuming not fireproof? I feel like it would say if it were. (Obviously not vital for medicine, but important for jewelry, passports, and other valuables.)

If you lose your key or need an additional one, you can order one here


Let’s learn more about the warranty


I bought the same last time colored black it got jammed, wont close or open, my keys unable to insert. I sent it in the Philippines, it’s not worth it to send it back for repairs, under warranty still.

You assume correctly. NOT fireproof.

Product Page with some not so recent press Reviews and a previously posted vid
Many people will need to get more than one of these. My patient’s are often discharged with ten or more scripts. Bottle sizes run the gamut excluding them from the safety provided here.

With today’s medical practices, you need Fort Knox to store what the practicing medicine thugs write patients. No thanks.

That this is rather small was my first thought also, but I suppose it depends on individual need. If you’ve got a suicide risk in the house, you’re advised to lock up everything, as Tylenol in sufficient doses is quite deadly. Putting a whole family’s scripts and OTC’s away required an old tool box… wiped it out, lined it with paper, and secured with a padlock.

Looks pretty good, as long as I don’t accidentally store my medicine that helps me remember where I left my keys in it…

Junk, don’t buy, lock broke on 2nd use, company told me to pound sand. tossed in garbage since company claims 1 year warranty but can’t replace a 1 week old one.

Dang on.

Hi there. We’ve talked with the vendor to answer some questions about the warranty:

*Our policy is that the safe has a 1 year parts and labor warranty and most of the time we just replace at no charge. The safe ships from Houston, same location that we’re shipping from today. We have no connection to the Philippines on any level. *

Bought it last time. Works great. Yeah, it’s small, but it’s not expensive — buy two if you’ve got a lot of meds.

Worth noting: This is a lot more valuable than you think. If you have kids, you should lock up your meds. If you have houseguests, you know they’re going to poke in your medicine cabinet, so lock up your meds. If you’re burgled, guess what, lock up your meds.

You can listen to all the bad reviews here, but ask yourself this: Is that tupperware you’re currently using any more effective? No, it’s not.

Prescription drug abuse is a huge problem among today’s teens. Lock up your meds.

So could i just carry it away?

Is this large enough to fit a passport? I want to use it as a mini safe.

Will this hold a bottle of coffee creamer? I am tempted to get one, drill some 1/2" holes in it, and use it to secure my coffee creamer in the refrigerator at work.

I’ve been hearing for years that you aren’t supposed to keep your meds in the bathroom. If you get this, don’t put it in the medicine cabinet. Put it somewhere outside of the bathroom, but not in the kitchen either.