Medicine Safe - White

**Item: **Medicine Safe - White
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Can you get additional keys?

That’s a pricey stash box. I like it.

It’s the same thing as the Thinkgeek safe I bought a while back, but in white.

The latching mechanism is actually decent, but it has a rubberized plastic body which kind of defeats the “safe” purpose. Hit the body with a hammer and it will probably shatter. Good for keeping a random nosy person away, or for keeping small kids out, but it’s not a serious deterrent.

It looks like it comes with two. I bet if you contact the manufacturer though, they might be able to help you out with an extra set.

Pretty cool idea. First I’ve seen.

Probably should get 2. Have to keep the kids Ritalin separate from the wife’s Prozac. Oh. Make that 3. Need one for my Percodan. J/K. Looks like a good deal and childproof up to a certain age. Kids these days. They can find a way to get into anything. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you lose your key or need an additional one, you can order one here


Let’s learn more about the warranty

Great, this’ll be perfect for my medical marijuana. In for three!


This is wrong in so many ways…

How is it mounted in the glass and mirrored cabinet?

Looks good but I need a bigger box to put 12 bottles in. Wish that it was deeper. I will pass on this one.

I have no use for this, but for some reason it just looks badass. Help me justify (what else might fit)?

I’m thinking college kids in dorm rooms or people with roommates. This would be useful to have for their car keys, iPhones, wallet, passport, checkbook, extra cash, credit cards, etc. It is not Fort Knox, but just low key enough for roommates to stay out of and when they have people over for their parties, stuff won’t go missing. Using it for Meds in a bath that guests may use is a great use for it too.

Now I am weighing the price vs. usefulness…

By poking a screwdriver through the mounting hole, of course.

Just go to any locksmith and they can make you spares. It’s a normal “Ace” key.

I feel so ridiculous. All these years, I’ve been taking the apparently unnecessary step of using actual screws, which of course don’t work all that well with many mounting surfaces.