Mediocre 4x15 Binoculars - 2 Pack



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Mediocre 4x15 Binoculars - 2 Pack
$4.99+ $5 shipping

2 Vivitar 4x15 Binoculars Model 1506909


wow this IS something awful.


This would be an awesome deal if I needed binoculars and had four eyes…



well at least you’ve admitted that they are trash.


WTF does the worst woot icon mean?


awesome!!! for $10 i can give these to my kids to play with…


It burns when I pee.

If shipping didnt cost just as much, I would probably get these. It would make me feel better about my inadequacies.


absolutely the worst woot…


Yeah, this gets my vote for worst woot. BTW, how do you vote anway?


I think I’ll just stick with my spectacles. . . I think the magnification is better.


can they be that bad?


I’ve seen way worse woots than this one - hey, at least the price is right!


Just a comment, these aren’t real binoculars. Real binocs have a couple of prisms, in each side. These are field glasses. (No prisms.)



Shopzilla’s Vivitar Binoculars…… had to put a general link, cuz i couldn’t find this exact model. But the comparison shows you this is a good woot.

MSN Shopping has them, but only at a ebay store, so its probably not that good of a deal. has a bunch of binoculars too, but their sites dumb and i don’t have enough time to try to figure out how to narrow the binocular category by brand. So their links whack.

Dealtime has some too, but i never heard of this site. It seems pretty lame.


I’ve got drinking glasses with better magnification!



Definitely worthy of the worst woot of 2006!

Thumbs WAY down!


Here are some similiar models and prices too…

Froogle … $25 (ebay)