Medisana Back Pain Relief System

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Medisana Back Pain Relief System
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Medisana HWR6500 Back Pain Relief System

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New Medisana Back Pain Relief System, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Medisana HWR6500 Back Pain Relief System

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Looks like this thing. Got 4.5 stars on Amazon.

A TENS unit?

Thanks for thinking of my health. Sadly my back is doing just fine.

I just found this site, and it seems awesome. I was hoping for something completely awesome to start my woot experience. Unfortunately (fortunately?) my back doesn’t hurt, so this is of no use to me.

Just the little miracle I needed.
Thanks Woot!

LAWL @ Unfortunately my back doesn’t hurt.

Woot, you read my mind! I was just complaining that my back hurt towards the end of my shift at work. Too bad I can’t get it sooner than overnight. :frowning: In for 1!

How much electricity does it actually put through? I wonder if it is anything like the good stuff at the chiropractor’s office.
Just find out if it goes to 11.

Does anyone know how strongly this thing moves, or of it is good for people with back issues?

Like, can I crank it up to full speed and have it knock me into nirvana?

I found good reviews on this. My wife is CONSTANTLY complaining about her back. Frankly, I am sick of hearing it.

Debating whether I should get one of these.

The phrase ‘self-adhesive stimulator pads’ deeply disturbs me.

finally, something to keep the cats out of the trash.

anyone know just how fat of a wooter this will fit? for a friend, alright?

I’m guessing this works like a TENS unit, which was AWESOME for my back when I was pregnant. If feels like you are getting a massage–totally loosens tense muscles. Seems like a good price for what it is, compared to a basic TENS unit.

Anyone have/tried one? Do they really work?

Im 20 years old, and have had back pains since i was like 16… seen several chiropractors and all, but my back hurts like literally on a daily basis, it suucks so much. I just dont wanna fork up 55 bucks, and have this be a piece of carp

Probably most useful if you hurt your back. :slight_smile:

My doctor prescribed a combo TENS/EMS unit (not this model) after I injured my back.

It really worked wonders and got me up and about quickly.

For me it was far better than pain medication as I could keep active w/o worrying about being groggy. It’s easy to use, helps quickly, and it’s easy to stop using when you’re done.

So… I don’t know anything about this unit, but my doctor prevailed, and now my experience with a TENS unit convinced me it’s not hooey. :slight_smile:

Speedy relief. Speedy recovery. Just remember that some pain is a warning to rest.


Disclosure: Use at your own risk. :slight_smile: