Medix Retinol Cream with Ferulic Acid

Medix Retinol Cream with Ferulic Acid

I ordered 2 of these, when the package came today they were not in there. Instead there were two Disney Graphic novels that I did not order, even though the little packing slip shows what I ordered. I’ve already emailed customer service but was not able to attach a picture, did anyone else have this happen?

It’s a woot surprise!!

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Is this better or worse than sitting in a hammock with a CAH expansion pack?

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I guess, who knew Disney came out with graphic novels LMAO

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I could have actually utilized a CAH expansion pack, js. Hammock would be nice too :wink:

Doesn’t look like Disney. Maybe they sent you fake books too

I wouldn’t think so either, but it has the little Disney logo on the bottom. Weird.

TT probably had an new employee buy 15000000 copies of them from amazon for BOC’s and you just got lucky. Never seen anything even like that from Disney

Regardless, I’d rather have what I ordered instead of this seemingly BOC they sent me. Maybe they thought I’d be happy getting crap books instead of the delicious smelling lotion I ordered. Disney it seems is making forays into other areas that one would not consider Disney-esque.


My bet is that you’ll get both. Score!

Wow! This person hit the jackpot. I give it 5 CAH expansion packs out of a possible hammock.

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Contact customer service and you’ll probably get a replacement and a coupon for a future purchase

Sorry about that. Our clearance items are things we’re helping Amazon get out of their warehouse. Looks like someone pulled the wrong item or the inventory is in the wrong spot.

CS will take care of you.