Medlock Ames 2004 Alexander Valley Verticle 3 Pack

Medlock Ames 2004 Alexander Valley 3 Pack
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1 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2004 Merlot
1 2004 Red

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This is not a vertical pack. A vertical is the exact same wine from different vintages.

And it’s spelled wrong to boot.

Parker Cab?

The winery indicates that they use a gravity flow process to move the wine naturally through the winemaking process. Wonder how this really affects the offerall complexity of the wine.

Clearly a horizontal :happy:
Actually looks like the Red is a blend of the CS and the Merlot of the other two bottles.

What I’d like to know is how these are drinking at 6 years of age and some answers as to the balance given the high octane and high pH/low acidity.

That’s why the spelled it “verticle”.

I asked specifically about this and was told that Verticle is correct. Can anybody tell me what it means?

Right… this is a a “Verticle” pack. Note the spelling difference.

This is a horizontal if I am not mistaken. (Not to be confused with a “horizontle”)

Happy Holidays and welcome.

Bill from Medlock Ames Winery here to share some information about the winery and answer any questions you might have about our wines.

A “vertical” wine tasting is one in which the same varietal, same producer, same vineyard, etc. is sampled side-by-side from different vintages. A “horizontal” tasting has a far looser definition. As loose as same varietal, different producer to same producer, same varietal, different vineyards.

I’ve never heard of “verticle,” but says it’s “An axis; hinge; a turning point.”

The Woot offering is a horizontal according to everything I’ve ever heard.

Hi Bill… can you address the Vertical/Verticle/Horizontal debate?

You asked exactly what I was thinking. I’d be interested in hearing more about the blending process, too.

Hmm, given that the Red is a blend of the other two, I can sort of see that, in a poetical kinda way…

We recently held a comprehensive tstg of every wine we’ve made starting with the inaugural 2001 vintage. Two things were striking - how consistent the wines’ flavors were in terms of reflecting the personality of the site or terroir and how well the wines were aging. The 2001 Merlot showing beautifully, with good energy and acidity. We think this is due to the fact that site is cool - we typically harvest 2 weeks later than most vineyards in the Alexander Vly and Chalk Hill area.

It’s correctly termed a Horizontal rather than a Vertical selection. Horizontal - multiple wines from the same vintage as opposed to vertical - same wine from the same site over successive vintages

Heh, please! It’s been driving me nuts for hours.

Looks like WD (and/or Woot Staff) have some correcting to do on this offering! :wink:

I’m curious where the acidity comes in. The pHs on these wines are sky high = low acidity. Not a bad thing! I’m into fruit bombs these days (like these seem to be), but the numbers and your report seem to contradict a bit.