Medlock Ames Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical - 6 Pack

03 and 04 were very good, the 05 was a little ??

What are the odds the Wellington mixed case might make an appearance during this woot off ?? :slight_smile: ?? :slight_smile:

03 was really good - i feel like i should go for this again…omg my bank account…

If it sold out, not too good. If they had some left, it’s possible, depending on whether Wellington found a place for the unsold cases. {shrug}

Nope, unless my cats are willing to try, but I doubt they could pull the cork.

Nope, should’ve seen the wine that was on ALL night long from when the wine woot off started, wasn’t exactly a nail bitter :slight_smile:

Do you mean the Ty PS 2-pack or the ice-style red/white wine?

Fixed this for you.

Well, they pulled it…

Seven hours on the ice wine (92 woots), three hours for Ty (153 woots). Neither was as slow as Monday’s Wattle Creek (24 hours, 48 woots).