Medlock Ames Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical - 6 Pack
Soon wine.woot soon…

/back to my cave BoC receipt in hand

I also enjoy horizontal tastings. But enough of that - let’s get back to wines.

Yep, time for bed. Think I’ll let the West Coasters hack away at this one for a while, hoping that I don’t miss much while asleep, and praying that the Woot-off will still be active in the morning!

true, but since i already bought a case in this wootoff, im dreaming of a repeat of the candybasket fleur de sel dark chocolate covered caramels. they are (are; i’m on my last row in the last of three boxes)soooo good.

Just popped a bottle of Medlock 2005 Red to enjoy with Coq Au Vin :slight_smile:

This is my first bottle of their Red blend, and wow is this good. Great structure, bold but not offensive dark fruit, and a wonderful lingering on the tongue of spice and something I can’t quite put my finger on, but I like it. Almost like a candied…hmmm…I’ll have to ponder that while I finish this glass. So far, this is excellent wine!

sigh… I do miss Nightghosts posts… I hope all is well with Nightghost…

Is it just me or did the CT reviewers dig extra-deep for these three wines? Harsh scores for seemingly okay reviews (e.g. “by no means a bad wine” -76pts!) kiss o’ death for many wooters… IMO the Medlock Ames team makes quality juice tho I have never had any of these cabs. Here’s to wishing I were independently wealthy!

I agree. I don’t trust CT but it seems like too many people on here do. I don’t have unlimited money to buy this, but CT is just a reference and not worth anything more than WS, WE, RP, etc. (and I usually think CT is the worst reference of the bunch, but what do I know).

CT is what it is. It’s like a eavesdropping on a group of people talking about wine. There is a wide spectrum of opinion and knowledge, which you have to sift through to figure out what matters and what doesn’t.

When I provide comments at CT I always try to explain why I feel about the wine as I do. so that readers can assess the comment. When someone posts without providing similar background, I pretty much discount what they have to say. Folks who take some time to provide an intelligent review get more notice from me.

Which gets to the big weakness of CT - everyone’s review gets equal weight. There should be a system in which participants whose reviews are rated more highly get more prominence. It’s frankly silly to think that my comments about a wine should get the same weighting as those of richardhod or Cesare, to cite a couple of names.

At the same time, CT is very useful to get an input of comments from people who have tried a wine, at whatever level of discernment or sophistication they might possess. To me it’s part of the mosaic of information to consider when making a decision; certainly I would rather have that information to consider rather than not having it.

Oh I beg to differ. Some of my posts are a lot worse than others, AND I’m sure yours are just as useful exactly because you are careful to give people context! BTW what’s your name on there: have I got you listed on my friends?

To the questioner you were answering: he’s absolutely right. Best way on CT is to go to their profile and see how they review other things, what kin of wines they drink, and what they tend to like. Then you can see if their opinions make sense to you. There are a lot of people out there that say “balanced” meaning just “has both fruit and big tannins”, rather than acid backbone! And others who have no idea what corked is, or others who describe every wine the same way, and it’s impenetrable, and boring. So, you have to filter. I’ve discovered some people just from a review or two that must be immensely knowledgeable, and so I want to learn more from them; also others who appear are actually just self-promoters). I hope my notes are clear, and where I’m unsure I will try to say so too.

And much is relative. I’m genetically a supertaster for bitter compounds, so I hate a lot of harsh young tannins, though the round ones can be ok.

For this stuff, along with the data and labrats from last time (and rpm’s input), even though I loved the winemaker’s engagement, the data and the CT reviews meant I didn’t buy, as on balance I think it’s wine for “large alcoholic” Cab lovers reaching the end of its drinking windows. And if you like that, it’s a great buy :smiley:

Remember, score are subjective. Parker is effectively 85-95 scale. I grade them as if they’re students’ exam papers, which means it’s hard to get under 70. So I take numbers with a pinch of salt, though they can be a general guide here and there. High Johnson refuses to score wines, and Eusopean use diffrerent, less odd scales, often out of 20.