MedPride Powder-Free Gloves, Large, 10pk

Customer Service form is not working on browser. Customer support chat is not working on the app.

This is an absolute mess, Woot. Do better. Now.

Respectfully, there is a lot going on right now, Woot’s workers have been forced to work from home for a while, and they’ve had to make do in a crappy situation. Yes, they screwed up, and yes, they should fix it, but getting bossy and making demands right now isn’t helping anything at all.

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We’ve had to disable phone/chat service for a bit as we’re overwhelmed at this time. Appreciate your patience.

Developers are looking at the issue with the support form on the desktop.

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I too only received 1 out of the 10 packs;

Oh Amazon. How you doth hate multi-packs. Contact Woot CS and they’ll take care of you.

FYI: The support form is working now.

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Like others mentioned here, I only received one box of the advertised 10pck. I get that it’s in the middle of a pandemic, but I had uses for this at work and now I’m short on PPE gear.

Otherwise, this is false advertising and Woot/Amazon should refund the difference or send the promised full quantity advertised.

Hi there. As noted above, CS will help you. Just reach out to them.

As the others have stated I only received one pack as well. I already submitted the form and will wait for CS to get back to me.

I really appreciate everything Woot is doing at this time to get supplies to folks and keep working under difficult conditions. Thank you Woot!

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So CS got back to me, and was offered a $50 refund. I kind of feel like this was a shake down. For a total sale of around ~$70 minus the $50 refund, that’s $20 a box during a worldwide crisis. If that’s not price gouging, I don’t know what is. It’s more than 3x the normal cost of retail.

Seriously, Woot? You can’t refund back the cost of the remaining packs not delivered and you guys just collected my money like that like it was nothing?