Meeker Kelly's Cabernet Sauvignon

Meeker Kelly’s Cabernet Sauvignon
$89.99 + $5 shipping
2 2004 Kelly’s Cab Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County
2 2006 Kelly’s Cab Cabernet Sauvignon, Chalk Hill
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Trifecta (I think), his +1, fiend of his, and I stopped there the Sunday after D&D. Pretty good wines, although I don’t think we tried this one. Bought a couple of their Zins and some dessert wines they had at the time.

Looking forward to trying these.

Edit: Oh, their tasting room is great, and the young lady helping us was terrific!!!

Not a lot to know, except sparky was faster on the trigger than mill.

Almost makes me not want to ask for some numbers on these, but I will anyway.

Oh, it’s Meeker, and well aged, nuff said?

I need to crack open a bottle of that Diamond Ridge cab Meeker sold here a while back (you know that stuff that was supposed to MSRP for something like $90/bottle).

I’m pretty flush with cabs now, but I’ve really liked 2004’s, and their drinking great now…I’d love to see some tasting notes on these babbies!

Courtesy of CJ:

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i have enjoyed the meeker offers thus far. i’m trying not to buy any more wine for awhile (i just got my wine from the last woot-off)…at least until i open a few bottles. this will take some self-control though, since i’ve bonded with meeker wine. please don’t persuade me!

Can someone please help me find a website that sells 2005 Sequoia Grove Cab? Need to buy as a gift. Can’t find it anywhere.

Yes. I wonder how these compare to the Meeker cabs!

Ever tried this website ( Very useful especially for hard to find wines.

It’s a Cab, in for 1

Looks like some good steak sauce!

Hey all, apologies for dropping the ball on the Vintner’s Voicemail today. I’ve been pretty frazzled lately and the last few days have been pretty hectic.

I’ll open a bottle of each of these when I get to the winery, and I’ll give you updated tasting notes along with the original notes.

And as always, go ahead and fire away with the questions. As soon as I’m at my desk I’ll provide you with unnecessarily verbose answers, as per usual. So go ahead and start pipin tacking up questions if you got 'em, and I’ll get back to you all right away!

Thanks for jumping on Lucas. Always a pleasure.

About how long can these cellar for?

What’s the PH on them?

Thanks for having us, and it’s my pleasure, as always.

These are going to cellar for at least 10 years from bottle vintage, maybe 15+.

I don’t have pHs this hot second, I’ll get a couple bottles open when I finish my bagel and let you know. But I’m going to go on record guessing that they’re both 3.4-3.5.

Stylistically the Kelly’s Cab and the Kiss Ridge are very comparable wines… we typically approach all of our Cab, regardless of where it’s from, with a similar theory.

My general feelings regarding how these two wines compare is really straight forward: The Kelly’s Cabs have a little more old-world lean to them than the Kiss Ridge. The KR probably has the more elegant tannin structure while the Kelly’s is probably a touch more tannic and bigger.

Plus, the Kelly’s Cab is named after my sister, and she’s pretty cool (I guess).

Hey all! This is Kelly, Lucas’ “pretty cool, I guess” big sister. I’m not the winemaker he is but I do know a thing or two. I’d be happy to answer questions about this. A little backstory:

In November 2007, Luke called me to say he had a Christmas present for me already but that I would NEVER GUESS what it was. I hemmed and hawed for a second and he said, “IT’S GOING TO MAKE YOU LEGENDARY.”

I said, “Wait, did you make a label for me?”

He said, “Crap.”

And then he emailed me the front and back label PDFs and I cried.

True story.

We’d be happy to host a tasting here at the winery if somebody wants to organize it.