Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2008 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain District, Napa Valley
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If i recall correctly people really liked this wine. Not sure if this is a new vintage to us or not.

Ooh, yeah, this is good stuff. At least that’s what I have to say about the 2004 that I bought on here a while ago.

Popped one open last month… decanted for 1-2 hours then had with French onion soup, strip steaks, Brussels sprouts, and roasted potatoes.

Was quite a nice pairing. Very smooth, drinking very well right now.

Dammit! I was doing so well with the SIWBM, but I can never pass up anything Meeker, especially their Cab. In for at least two.

Ditto…never met a Meeker I didn’t like. :slight_smile:

previous deal from Nov 30, 2013.
Still have the four napping.
Same price and mill was 1st sucker on that one.
Yup, lots of discussion too, two pages of it.

I passed on it last time because of the 2007 gap but now knowing that there were four total vintages of this wine and I already have the other three, the completist in me must buy…

Anyone know why this is the “final vintage”?

Has anyone else noticed many 2008 wines from this area are really smokey? We had some big fires here that year. I’ve found some reds from '08 way too smokey for me. I have not had the Meeker.

That’s more Anderson Valley and Mendocino. The fires were generally north of Napa and Sonoma so I’d be surprised if there was any smoke taint here. Now if you were talking about 2008 Anderson Valley Pinot it would be a different story…


Sad to hear this is you last year for the Kiss Ridge. Inquiring, you know; just lose access to the fruit?
Hopefully the vines aren’t getting ripped out…

meeker wine is great! i have been tempted by a few recent wine.woot offerings (harvey, wellington, and now meeker), but i am trying to adhere to my SIWBM. i still have a few bottles from earlier years (2004, 2005, 2006), and no room for more wine. but if i had room, i’d go for this offer. i also have to stop buying woot shirts. and tech.

We stopped working with the vineyard after this vintage. Nothing related to quality or anything, we still have a good relationship with the vineyard owners.

Nonono, nothing like that. The vineyard is still there and I’m sure still produces great fruit. The Wajnerts (vineyard owners) have always been really committed to the quality of the fruit and farm it well.

Given that we’re a largely Sonoma winery and we already sell a high end Cab, it just wasn’t fitting well in our portfolio so we mutually decided to go separate ways.

There’s really nothing more to it than that. I know that people always try to read between the lines on things like this… there’s nothing to read between. We loved making the wine, we loved the fruit, but it wasn’t a great portfolio fit.

Zero smoke taint on this wine. While some northern Sonoma County and Napa vineyards were affected (only a very few at the north county lines), nothing down this far had any problems. None of our 08s show smoke taint.

Posting the previous discussion saves me a lot of 1000 word answers about our philosophy on acid/tannin/etc. Thanks!

Edit: That would be an earlier discussion than this, if you look for the earlier Kiss Ridge vintage threads you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Perhaps you were referring to one of these two offers then.

Aug 1, 2012 and again mill hit these up first.

Jan 16, 2013 and yet again! That’s three times, not an easy task to accomplish.

Buy this.
Good stuff.
One offer sold out in ~12 hours.

Good examples!

I know I’ve provided even more boring soliloquies than that, probably in some of the threads for other wines we’ve had on here. Regardless, that should be enough to bore pretty much everybody.

You’re pretty cool too.