Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon (3)



Meeker 2005 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $135.00) 41% off List Price
2005 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
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7/20/11 (2004)
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No. You got me with the Iron Horse Rosé and also with the Roserock Pinot. No Meeker. Not allowed. Bought too much at Corison last week.


Pretty sure this is the vintage Lucas brought to the BBQ for the rpm tour.

At this discount over average CT and winery pricing I’ll have some 2005 to layer it with. The 2004 was/is quite tasty, glad I still have some.

[edit] checking my notes it was the 2006 we ratted, with a note to buy. Got this and will wait to add the 2006 when it appears.


2005 Napa Cab? Meeker? Oh yes, yes, YES!


I got this last fall and it was amazing! It was my first Meeker purchase, and it definitely wasn’t my last. I was even more excited when I found a few wine shops here in TX that carry a lot of their wines. I may have to click the ridiculously large gold button for this one!


According to the notes, at last weeks WindDavid rat tasting, the Meeker Kiss Ridge Cab was a 2006 (?). I picked up six bottles of the 2004 when it was up last year, I tried one, and it’s still a youngster.

The notes on the 2006 were great, but I got nothing on the 2005.


Did he happen to BBQ up some pizza’s for ya?

I have a bottle or two of this, but only tasted at the TR. no detailed notes, but it was good enough to bring home at a higher price than offered here. This is better than my club discount. IIRC, '05 is regarded as a stronger vintage than '04, but Lucas should be able to compare/contrast with the '04.

Edit: Did anyone else notice the Nov 5th harvest date? Wow.


You all had the '05 that I brought. Must have been a mistake/misunderstanding. I brought it because I knew this was coming up this week!


I like the '05 better. I think it’s a little rounder than the '04, which really had a powerhouse structure. We’re splitting hairs here, though.

I’m heading to bed right now, but I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that I didn’t in the thread from last years vintage, where I think we covered quite a bit of info.

Should be in the winery by about 7 am PST, so I’ll get back to you then if not before. Unless, of course, I continue my insomnia hot streak.


I love the '04 Kiss Ridge and am very excited by the tasting notes I’ve heard regarding the '05. Let’s be honest though, I don’t know that Meeker has ever bottled a wine that I didn’t like. I like some better than others, sure, but there’s a reason I’ve been a Tribe member for about a decade.

In short, buy this wine. If you like cabs, buy a lot of this wine.


i have been trying to cut down on my wine purchases. fortunately, a family reunion has cleared out a couple of cases, making room for this. i have been impressed with meeker wines. and i made it on the board, for a fleeting moment!

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Congrats. You’re now better than everyone else!


Here we go…gotta stop reading all the reviews about this wine. Cabs are my weakness to begin with, thought I was doing good and now I’m compelled to hit the the ridiculously large gold button. Thanks, thanks alot


Brix at 26.4 a bit high, isn’t it? This leads me to believe i
This will have some heat though I may be mistaken? Any comments?


I still have the '04 sitting in the cellar with no plan on going to it any time soon. It seemed very young when I tried the first one. The cellar window listed on CT is 2018 (and I believe it was even past 2020 at one point), so why is the '05 listed on CT as 2015?

I guess what I am getting at is: what do you think the cellar window is for the '05? Is it more of a drink now then the '04 when it came out?

Will be trying not to buy this as I just moved/bought TV/laptop, but the thought of having some sort of mini vertical with this is clawing at my brain.


I loved the '04, so this was a low brainer for me. I am embarassed that the only “braining” that was required was that it isn’t as much of a discount as previously offered. However it is a great price for a cab of this quality. I would $85 at the winery. I would really applaud a winery that tried to give the best pricing they could in their tasting room rather than “sticking it to the tourists” and then dumping it on the discount sites. If this is as good as the ‘04, then $45/bottle is a terrific retail price. I love going to Napa, but I hate feeling like I can’t buy anything in the tasting rooms, since most of it will come to me so much cheaper with patience. Again, assuming Lucas’ puppy and girlfriend let him get some sleep (I read the bio on the website, I’m not a stalker (too hard to hide in the bushes with a long stemmed wine glass)), I’d be very curious for some inside insight.


I really want some of this, but I am on a strict no-buy policy right now. After seeing all of the tour 2 info and all of the aged cabs tasted, I’m wondering how long this could be held without fading. If Lucas were to come on here and tell me this could last another 10-15 years, I would consider breaking my policy to lay some of these down in my new cooler.


I didn’t get a chance to taste this at the BBQ – there were so many wines and after a full day of tasting I actually drank quite a bit of sparkling water at the BBQ before tasting no more than 3 or 4 wines total, so I can’t add much.

2005 was generally one of the most successful vintages in Napa of the last decade, so this is promising. Stats indicate a little riper fruit, a little higher alcohol and pH than I typically look for, but within the bounds of some of the better ‘modern’ style Cabernets designed to be riper with more forward and darker fruit aromas and flavors and balanced more for current/medium term drinking than for 10+ years aging with an eye to significant bottle bouquet.

Seems to me that this would be a reasonable set to try Meeker’s Cab from a good year.

2005s are getting harder to find; those from good producers are almost always worth snapping up when you find them: there are going to be some lean years with 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 being less than strong vintages. 2007 and 2009 are better, but generally not as strong as 2005, and may need more time.