Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2008 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain District, Napa Valley
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Fantastic wine, never fails. Drinking a bottle of 2005 right now. It is perfectly matured and beautiful, though it’s lost some of the cherry that I love in all meeker cabs.

The 08 is quite good as well, I’ll have to check how many I have left but will likely be in for at least one…

I read the entire thread from the previous offer on11/20/13. While it was an interesting discussion on cork taint and a variety of other possible flaws, and there was general praise for Meeker and Kiss Ridge CS in general, there was very little offered about this particular vintage. It appears that the monkey left Fred with a “bad banana” that time. Maybe the monkey brought Fred (or someone else) a fresh banana for sampling this offer. Fred?? Anyone??

On a good note, I did notice that today’s offer is $5 less than a few months ago.

Cortot, check PMs.

Noticed that as well, but still not disappointed with my earlier half case purchase.

Anybody else notice mill was first sucker on both these…?

So tempting to add some more.

It’s tough because people tend to hold onto these for a long time so your not going to get much in CT for this young of a vintage. The only meeker I’ve had was the rose offered in December which I thought was excellent. The price point on this is a little high for me currently so I’m not in on this.

PM answered Kyle.

Did you drink 2 or trade them? Would love to see some additional tasting notes on this. If it was 2007 I would have jumped in no questions asked because of the great vintage and my current '04 thru '06 vertical. Shame they didn’t get the juice in '07 but it does significantly lower my perceived need to add the '08 to my collection.

I’m surprised nobody got a sample of this since the last time it was only Fred and he had a bad bottle.

auto buy !!!

Last Wooter to Woot:fredrinaldi

Split with Klez.
Way too young for drinking.
Don’t think there was an '07…