Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet-Your Choice



Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack, Your Choice
$79.99 (Normally $153.60) 48% off List Price
2006 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
2005 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
2004 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offers:
8/1/12 (2005)
7/20/11 (2004)


Here’s to you, fredrinaldi!


so, what’s the best year? i just looked up some old woot comments and it looks like the 2004 wins. (?)
i’m going to get 3; one of each or 2 x 2004 and 1 x 2005? help! please.


I haven’t tasted my existing 2004 and 2005 bottles yet. However, the other Meeker wines I’ve tasted indicate this is going to be great stuff, super high acidity and will last for ages. This woot price is about right, too.


Wow. WD and crew really lined them up this week. Hard to pass up '05 Napa Cab, especially at this price, and Meeker to boot. Not much left of that vintage around. Loved the '04, was told they had stashed the rest for library. Bought some '05 already, but this is a better price.

I am a member at Meeker and am actually headed up this weekend… decisions…


With “complexity x 1 billion”, who could pass this up? :slight_smile:


Can we place 2 orders to get two different vintages and still only pay 5 dollar shipping??


If you order two it should give you the option of selecting each one separately. They’ll ship together (I would think).


Yes. As soon as you select more than one dropdowns appear to give you the option to select a vintage with each option. So you can construct 2x or 3x verticals if you buy more than one.


Fantastic! I still have a little of the 2004 from a previous offer. One of the extremely few things that can make me break my SIWBM. In for as many as I can!


all 2004?


In for 2
Question is… all 2005? or get one 2006?
Since 2004 reviews on CT dont appeal to me much lol


I haven’t had the 05 or 06, but the 04 was fantastic! And actually I’ve loved every bottle of meeker anything I’ve ever had, definitely a favorite of mine…


thank you. :slight_smile: i think i’ll get 2 x '04 and 1 x '05. has woot offered the’06 before?


Nope. I don’t remember seeing it in the Tasting Room either. Might be a relatively new release.


I think we tried this when Lucas hosted us in Santa Rosa?



Interesting to see the 2005 again since it sold out by noon the last time it was offered, and Lucas said it was gone!

The 2006 shows as sold out on the Meeker website…and no information on the 2004 or 2005.

I have 3 of each…haven’t tried any of them yet…Will probably add some, but which years? Hmmmm!

Went in for another set of 2005.

Meeker Kiss Ridge Cabernet-Your Choice

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Lucas, what are the drinking windows on these?


Good morning from the west coast, I feel the love, what a pleasant surprise at 4:45 am, now which to get???


The 2005 is GONE already!..Glad I jumped in quickly on this one since I missed out on the SH Reserve Zin yesterday!