Meeker Vineyard Pink Elephant 2009 Dry Rosé - 6 Pack

Meeker Vineyard Pink Elephant 2009 Dry Rosé - 6 Pack
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Meeker “Pink Elephant” 2009 Dry Rosé
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A devilish deal per bottle }:wink:

Will this elephant still be rosy if it gets laid down until next summer?

If we know what you mean…:wink:

Courtesy of CJ:

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Well I’m good on rose for a while plus no MD shipping which is a bummer…but man talk about a screaming deal! Predict this will be sold out before noon later today…

For whatever reason the color of this stuff is intriguing. It just looks so vibrant!

Why am I seeing Pink Elephants all of a sudden? Have I been drinking too much? :wink:

Maybe this comes with a copy of Walt Disney’s Fantasia… please?

Glad I grabbed mine early…oh wait, it’s late! Also, it’s raining in Northern California in September! Perfect time to grab up some Pink Elephant Rose.

Never had this and am really not a fan of lighter wines, but the Meeker Forklift Grenache was one of the best wine I’ve ever had, so I’m in for one…

Ok, the wine is described as dry. What is the residual sugar? And, what is the pH?

In his “Vinter’s Voicemail” Lucas said the wine has “no” residual sugar.

A dry Rose! In for one definitely. If I had room, I’d consider two at these prices. It’ll still be summer in Texas for two more months.

Quite tempted. On your site, you are currently selling the 2005 Rose? Is that a ten-key error, and supposed to be an '08? I suppose either way, it answers the question of whether this will still be good next summer.

Hmmmm… Interesting…

The Vinter’s voicemail from Lucas and the Woot writeup provide slightly different descriptions of the varietals included in the blend for this wine. Lucas didn’t mention any Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or white Gewurztraminer but those varietals are noted in the Woot description, and the Woot description does not refer to Grenache, but Lucas said the wine includes 14% Grenache.

Hey – It’s pink stuff! Probably tastes good. That’s all we need to know!

YES. I give you my word.

I promise you this is about as “not light” as pink wine gets. You will not be disappointed.

Past that… thanks for the HUGE compliment!

You know what, it’s perfectly possible that I looked at the wrong blending notes when I checked the file, or, alternatively, that I sent the wrong notes to Woot. I’m pretty sure the Woot notes are right… I’ll double check in the morning at the winery and let you all know.