Meeker Vineyard Pink Elephant 2009 Dry Rosé - 6 Pack

Meeker Vineyard Pink Elephant 2009 Dry Rosé - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Meeker “Pink Elephant” 2009 Dry Rosé
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Just had this about 6 weeks ago, bought 6, but this wine’s not for me, I’ll find a poor wino to give it to.

Hey, good day! Get the Pink Elephant for a steal, and I will be at a tasting hosted by Molly Meeker herself tonight in good old Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Thanks, Woot!

Got this from the last offering. The wine is perfect for when you want something with the complexities of a nice red with the body of a white. We really enjoy it!

Hey Wine Woot Gods how bout some Medlock Ames Cab???

will my pinot-grigio-drinking girl gang like this?


I also bought this wine the last time it was offered, and I think it is a great buy for the money. My parents and DH also liked it. I know virtually nothing about roses, but I found this to be a very easy drinking wine with qualities of both a red and white. It is crisp and dry at the front, but with nice fruit on the back that you get with a red. It is not sweet, which is a deal killer for me. A great weekday wine and I am thrilled to see if offered again. I have seen people note that it lacks depth, but seriously, what do expect in a wine for under $10!? In for 2!

Did anyone who disliked this let it breathe for at least 30 minutes?

Where’s the sake?? How about some G? Gotta be some left over from Sake Day woot!

Love this wine! Tjhis is not your typical Cali sweet rose. It actually drinks like a red but looks like a rose! Wife and I love it…even more, my mom liked it and she tends to like the sweet stuff (though this is not sweet). A steal IMHO in for one!

I got this last time it was offered - it’s very tasty, and is actually dry! Yum.

I like this as a cool drinker, my GF did not care for it. I normally skew to reds, she to whites.

It’s simple…in a way it reminds me of cherry kool-aid without all the sugar. Weird, I know, but it’s quite refreshing.

No should I try it? I do with my Cabs

My thoughts from the last offering’s thread:

Still not a huge fan, and I’m glad I sold 2 of my 6 bottles. That said, I love Meeker and their always-awesome participation on here. It’s worth a pickup for that reason alone if you’re on the fence about this one.

Anyone have thoughts/opinions on pairing with Thanksgiving dinner?

ended it up going for two. I remember Lucas or his dad indicating this should age like a red so I see myself enjooyiong these next spring/summer. seriously, a really GOOD rose for the price…the color is a hot pink which is umnlike any rose Ive seen/had but apparently they let the grapes bl;eed as opposed to using left over grapes (many wineries do this to make roses, i guess). anyway, i am babbling (11 month old was up all last night and I am a bit off) lol I highly recommend this.

Kelly Meeker commented on this last time:

This is Kelly, Luke’s sister! The Pink Elephant would definitely make a good match for turkey, as it’s fresh, crisp and acidic - a lovely balance to a rich and full turkey.