Meeker Vineyards 2004 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain - 3 Pack

Meeker Vineyards 2004 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Diamond Mountain - 3 Pack
$79.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Meeker Vineyard 2004 Kiss Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
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Oh cripes, I stayed up late and now it’s here… the Meeker that I’ve been waxing poetic about all day long. And it’s a pricey one, eek!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s worth every penny, but this one might have exceeded my allowable spend. Hmmm, convince me otherwise, Lucas!

I know you’re out there somewhere…

Edit - also, winery pricing for this (in the fancy schmancy wooden box) is $135 plus roughly $20 shipping. So, we’re talking about 44% off if you ignore the packaging!

Oh man, I was about to fall asleep too…

And then the familiar buzz of something important. A tweet from Texacaliali… the KR is up.

Need to see all the knowledge that was previously dropped regarding this wine? Check the thread from that fateful day:

I will stay up for another 15 minutes or so, but I have to be back at the winery in less than 8 hours. So I need to go to sleep.

just sent Lucas a Tweet, hope he’s still awake tonight. from the sound of things, many Wooters have been waiting for this baby all - day - long.


ha, I love it! The East Coast is lighting up!

hey so tell us a tiny bit (yeah, that’s asking a lot from you!) about what is going on with Meeker this week. Any grapes coming in yet at all?

I must say…


…would not seem to beget this:

I understand. I’m trying to pay down my damn credit cards and buy myself a new fly reel, and the reality is that the effing sweet ones are about $400,000,000 too expensive. And then I had this bright idea to set up a saltwater aquarium in the office. Can’t afford that either.

So yes, I know it’s expensive. But there’s a reason this wine killed it’s first time up last month:

You simply do not often get the chance to taste a Diamond Mountain, 40+ year old vineyard, Cab all that often. You pretty much never get to at even spitting distance to this price, let alone quality for the price.

I think we’ve developed enough of a reputation around here that you probably trust me by now. I hope so. I mean it 100% when I say that I try and be as detailed, thorough, and informative as I can while also being honest. If you only knew how rare that is in the wine business.

More importantly, though, I hope that we’ve developed a reputation around here for the same thing that our almost 2K member wine club recognizes: we make fantastic wines and sell them for prices drastically lower than comparable wines from comparable wineries. We believe in making and selling wines at a quality and price that we would pay for over and over. That sounds simple, but ultimately, it’s not. I hope we over-deliver on that front.

I think this wine, at a fraction of the price of comparable and rare Diamond Mountain Cabs, is a great example of that.

But, if you really can’t afford it, there’s always next time. And you can also wait for another Cab that we want to share with you Wooters. Or you could email me and ask me about the multiple other Cabs we make at pricepoints from $14-60. And maybe if you’re nice I’ll give you a discount. But, buy this. It will make me sleep well.

Nothing inspires like victory, and also the prospect of rubbing it in.

I just went through the last thread and saw that I said I wished I’d bought three after drinking the first bottle. So in for 3, and hopefully I won’t want anything else in this w-off…

I’m a huge PN guy, but recently the girlfriend has been buying lots of cabs. I’ve never enjoyed cabs, but I had one the other day and enjoyed it. Maybe my taste for them has changed. I’m tempted to buy this and surprise her, but I just need someone to push me in that direction. I’ve got to be a little selfish myself :slight_smile:

Oh dear god, you’re not hinting at something else in the next day or so, are you? For the love of my bank account, please say no!

Don’t tempt me, or you very well might see something in your inbox from me soon…

Honestly, you had me at “I understand.”

In for one. My first-ever Black Tie, to boot. Sleep well!

If it wasn’t for the wedding/honeymoon in two months, I’d probably have earned another 2,000 frequent flyer miles off your juice these past couple of months. But hey, with this I’ll still have the Kiss Ridge, Forklift, and Pink Elephant on hand…

Also, I understand expensive hobbies. Flying is awesome (see link in sig line) but it sure ain’t cheap. Can’t beat the view, tho!

Thanks for the awesome participation as always.

Up all day, waiting…
Fuzzy now, was that for two or three.
Just two, but the forth Meeker now.
Gotta finish the larger cellar, soon.

You have this wine listed for $45 on your website, and the 2005 pre-orders listed for $85. Was 2005 that much better of a year for the cab? Thanks!

ok, 1 or 2?
drink now &/or later and all those ?'s/etc?

bit high for what I usually like, but looks tasty.

No. Not even close. Seriously, my cellar master went on vacation this week.

I thought Chardonnay would be our first pick… and I was expecting that in 12-14 days. That grower came in today and told me that the Chard and Zin he grows for us are both at 20 brix and holding. The weather has been so wonky this year…

Last week I got an email from a very small vineyard owned by some family friends that I make for my label, Lucas J. Cellars. It’s a field blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier (a Cote Rotie style field blend, ~70%, 15%, 15% respectively) and that’s at 22… but with the weather… that could mean we’re two weeks out at least. That’s the closest that I know of from any of our vineyards for either Meeker or Lucas J.

The reason I have to get up early is because the truck taking the Pink Elephant over to the Woot warehouse could only schedule for 8 AM, so I have to get the order together and get the truck on its way. I almost (almost) wish that it was for harvest… it’s starting to feel weird not having any fruit in the winery when at this point last year we had 1/3 of everything in.

So, I guess I’ll just keep enjoying having my weekends off. For a frame of reference: last year, from August 24-November 1 I had 3 days off total. And most of those I still went in to the winery for an hour or so. So this is a change of pace for September.

Whoops double post. Delete please.

Sorry credit card… just got 2… friend of mine just had a bottle last night and was more than pleasantly surprised.