Meeker Vineyards 2007 Carignane - 3 Pack

Meeker Vineyards 2007 Carignane - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Meeker Vineyard 2007 Carignane
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Hey, I love a good Carignane so I’m in for one. Still waiting to try my last Meeker purchase, but I’m hoping for good things.

Interesting! SIWBM. Otherwise, probably a buy for me.

Ooooh…Carignane! That’s very very temping. I will have to think on this a bit and then likely push the button.

Is one of the Meekers around? I’m wondering about pH/acid and oak.

I know not this grape. Can someone enlighten me?

First sucker: projmgtpro : )

Good gawd, between the regular wootoff and wine wootoff, my wallet is aching! We’re only half-way through.

We’ve been enjoying the Meeker Cabernet we bought last month. This looks like a good fall wine. I’m in for one!

Yeah, me two!

I’m impressed you were able to order so fast. I was trying to be first, but Woot was dogging.

how to pronounce Carignan or Carignane:

Car in yahn or Karen Yawn! for those in the south. I prefer the latter.

Wait… the 2004 kiss ridge meeker cab? I thought that was supposed to be a tannic monster. How is it? Do you have tasting notes?

We’re baaaaack… agaaaaiiin.

Don’t know what Carignane is? Let me help you with that.

Carignane (also spelled Carignan, also known by a hundred other names) is thought to have originated in the Aragon region of Spain. It’s typically a blending grape, with varying levels of quality depending on vineyard site, yield, and vine age. It’s one of the grapes accepted in a Rioja tinto blend (where it’s known by one of its other names, Mazuelo), and also sees itself blended with Syrah up and down the Rhone. In California, it was once the third most planted varietal, and was typically used to add fruitiness to Cabernets before it became a very typical Zin blender in the past two decades. It was also used widely to make that stuff that comes in a box (the wine that shall not be named).

And though the plantings and vineyards that grow Carignane have dwindled over the past thirty years, there are still plenty of 50-100+ year old vineyards that self-limit yields of between 1-4 tons/acre, and make generally kick-butt wine. And starting in 1999, we loooooved making single vineyard Carignane.

It’s a wonderful grape that builds medium-bodied red wines with great fruit and mild acidity. And while you might now be familiar with our wines through our 30+ years in the business or our two previous Woot offerings, this wine is not nearly as tannic or large in structure as our typical wines. This is really the only “medium” sized red wine that we make. But we love it.

It pairs well with poultry, salmon, and generally delicious meals that aren’t particularly delicate in flavor profile but aren’t out of the park heavy either… I.E., use it almost like how you would pair a Pinot, except you can take the Carignane a little further into the red meat zone than you might with a Pinot.

This wine is tasting great right now, and will continue to age beautifully for at least another 3-5 years. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them, as usual. Thanks!

Alright, guys. I got the toddler down for an early nap. LET’S DO THIS!

Weird, now it says someone else. More than one first? Me thinks woots’ business intelligence is not so smart.

I’ve never had Carignane before either. Did a quick search and came up with an interesting article from from last year.

Very tempted to try this out.

Edited to add: Thanks for the info from above!

The gn generally is pronounce nya, as in lasagne or gnocchi or carignan.

Hi. My name’s Lucas Meeker, I’m the co-winemaker. My dad’s the boss around here, but I do the talking. What other input than my post above would you like?

EDIT: Oops, looks like you saw my post and edited this part of your post so now I look like a big stupidhead (word filter made my previous word choice into pony, touche Woot). Anyways, as usual, I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability. Caveat: I only had one cup of coffee this morning.

Thanks for the quick reply! Your post came in before I finished my first one. In for my first taste of Carignane!

Thanks for the feedback. In for one! Looking forward to try something new.