MEElectronics Active NC Headphones

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I have a couple of pairs of MEElect IEMs, and they sound GREAT! Quality products and reasonably priced.

Time to check out the product page

Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s watch a video [youtube=ATk8wOAg9Ak][/youtube]

Yep in for one. These will be my studying headphones… well at least that’s what I told myself at the checkout when I siphoned away med school loans into woot’s bank account…
Edit: make that 2 :). Because they’re too good to pass up

I’ve had a pair of these since they were released and have been using them daily since June. These are great, I love the ability to use them for phone calls as well. One note is that if you run the batteries out and switch on the noise shield they won’t produce any audio at all. Thought I’d broken them first time I discovered that. Noise shield works pretty well, these are not as high end as a $300+ set of Bose headphones, but then again, these aren’t anywhere close to the cost either.

Overall, these are terrific and I wish I had managed to get mine at this price!

How well does the ANC work, e.g. on planes?

This will be a great or a stupid purchase on my part. I air travel every week and had a pair of bose quietcomfort 15 that I loved. The one time I travel with my wife and daughter they somehow got left on the plane. I’ve been going the last month without headphones as I can’t bring myself to spend yet another $300 on headphones. Hopefully Woot will come to my rescue and these will do the trick… otherwise I’ll just be out $350 instead of $300. I’ll post my reviews after I receive and fly with the product.

top 1% of all tech woots… and top 4% of all woots sold… now that was a great buy.

Is anyone having issue with the large mute button? It doesn’t mute the sound unless I press and hold. I thought it was suppose to press on/off.

Why is this taking so long to ship?! Still shows “shipping now.” Is it the same for everyone else?

Yup, mine too. Remember standard shipping speed is 3-8 business days, and today is the 3rd business day since Friday.

Woot isn’t exactly renowned for shipping speed!

Hey, you did a good job. You should apply to work here!

Yea, so are mine. Sometimes they are super quick (order Thursday, arrive Friday) then sometimes it takes a couple weeks. Though both are extremes, doesn’t happen often.


Speak of the devil, mine just shipped

Just curious, is anybody getting some massive headaches wearing these? Maybe its just the size and shape of my head… but I can’t go more than 5 minutes with them on before I simply cannot take it any longer.


Mine are surprisingly pretty comfortable to me, but they do clamp tighter than I expected, based on reviews.

However, I do have a problem with the noise-cancelling… for one it’s not very effective, which wasn’t too surprising, but it also gives a pretty loud hissing noise, which is more annoying than any of the noise it actually blocks.

What are our options for getting a return on these?

I just got my pair and, wow, do they suck. The noise canceling is pretty minimal and creates an annoying hiss when turned on. The NC feature doesn’t even completely block the fan noise from my computer. I turned on the fan in my bathroom for a louder test and it barely blocked much noise from that.

It could have redeemed itself if the audio quality was great, but these are mediocre at best. I guess you really do get what you pay for. If you are looking for something to actually block constant noise like fans, bus or airplane noise you should spend more and get something that actually blocks a decent amount of noise. Don’t waste your money on this cheap substitute.