MEElectronics Bluetooth Headphones

I own two of the three sets listed here. ,I don’t own the Venture.

For quality the AF32 ($44.99) set is good but not great. They sound decent and get used regularly. The microphone is pretty much useless in my experience but for music or an audiobook they are ok. My ears tend to hurt after wearing any on ear headphone though after a few hours.

The Matrix AF62 priced at $87.99 is too expensive. This can be purchased at the mother ship for $79.99’w/free shipping or $89 w/prime. They are well worth this price. The improvement of sound is exponential. These are much more comfortable for me but some report having the on ear pain but they fit over my ears. I’d suggest spending a little extra on the Matrix if you plan to buy headphones if you like quality.

…and I can cover the Venture.

While I don’t consider myself an audiophile, I do appreciate great sound and DESPISE crappy headphones. I’m partial to Sennheiser and Audio Technica, with my ATH-M50s being my all-around favorite.

So my expectations were a little low with a $50 set of BT phones from a manufacturer I do not know. But I commute by bus, and use my phones a LOT!

For the low price tag, I’m very happy with the Venture phones. Pairing has not been an issue with any of my devices, nobody complains about the microphone being an issue, and they are quite comfortable. Plus, battery life has been very surprising. My very unscientific impression is that I’m getting about 16 hours or so.

Overall, a bargain price for a really surprisingly good product!

I own the AF32s and they rock in every way! First, I like the on-ear style because they allow in just enough outside noise to be used safely outside. The build quality is excellent, they are A2DP compliant (critical for working properly with an android tablet), they pair easily, provide at least 8 hours of battery life and allow for at least a 30 foot range! The “bass boost” circuitry is outstanding and, in my opinion, is really needed in a BT headphone. I tried these wired as well (nice feature if you want to use them when the battery isn’t charged) and found the BT sound to be as true as when wired. I have been an audiophile all my life, starting back in the 70’s, when we had to pay attention to a device’s THD and pay accordingly. I bought my AF32’s in October 2013, use them constantly and for long periods of time (because they’re the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned) and they look like brand new. Some shopper’s say they don’t like that the headset seems flimsy and can twist a certain amount, but take my word for it, they are a quality headset and the ability to twist slightly is critical to keep an on-ear headphone flat against your ear regardless of head shape or size! After all, how many products can you find on Amazon that have a 4.3 avg. rating with over 1,000 reviews? Nuff said!

I’ve used the AF32 knockoff (they seem to be just some rebranded no-name made in china headphones). I wasn’t listening critically to them since I mostly use them to listen to podcast or stream pandora in the gym. It was always somewhat mid-fi with compressed extremities, which I thought that’s how streaming was. One day I was converting all my wmv to mp3 so that it could be played by my android tablet and I wanted to hear how much loss of quality. Hearing my mp3s thru the AF32’s, it sounded like it was quite unlistenable. I thought I should take the BT factor out and used the miniplug wires so as to make them a wired headphone. The sound difference was drastic. I didn’t think there would be such a huge difference. Either the analog amplification is so overdriven or the DAC phase is badly designed, I don’t know. But for certain sources, the AF32 in BT sounds decent, but for others, it is strictly low-fi.

I would get the AF-52 if it weren’t for the fact that I bought a few other BT clip where I can plug my fav set of earbuds (acdtually, the BT receiver clip with a wired AF32 sounds pretty good, could try that too).

I picked up a pair of the Runaway AF32s 6 months ago from Overstock, and I have to say that they have been fantastic! They are very comfortable, fold nicely, sound WAY better than the price would suggest, and they hold a BT signal, even outside, as well as any pair I’ve ever used.

If you drop half a “C note” on a pair of these, I think you’ll be a very happy camper.

Great buy! Use these every day at work and have had no problems.

I bought a pair from Amazon for $50 last year and loved them so much went back and ordered a 2nd pair. Great price - i use mine around the house while cleaning. works great with my Apple products but my old pc that runs Vista won’t recognize it.

Agreed with the positive comments here. Nothing but good to say about these. I bought one AF32, and it was so cool my wife wanted one so I had to camp out and watch Woot like a hawk until they went up for sale again. I use mine almost every day - I work from home and my cell phone is my work phone. I also attend many online meetings and I can easily switch the connection over to my PC to use as well. The audio quality is outrageous for the price. I prefer these to my wired set of head phones for listening to music streaming from my phone! And, their durability seems to be very good. I’ve made several business trips where I just toss them into my backpack with the charger cord and head out, not even bothering to put them into the nice included drawstring bag. They’ve been holding up very well, especially since I’m notoriously rough on portable electronics. Dang. I might order a few more today!

Hi all, anyone have any feedback on how these would be size-wise for an 18 month old? I’m looking for some wireless headphones to connect to the iPad in the car. My son doesn’t have a very big head so wasn’t sure the size on these.

As an adult with a smaller head, I’d guess that they would all be too large. I’ve owned all 3 of these headphones at one point, and love Meelectronics, because they’re a good value for the price, and they actually have customer service! For anyone looking for a good pair of running headphones, the AF32 will be most likely to stay on your head.

As someone else pointed out, the Matrix are cheaper on Amazon, and may actually be a newer version.

Meelectronics actually recommended the Venture over the Matrix to me, if I didn’t need the extra features such as multi-point connection. They do sound very similar to each other.

Just received my AF32’s a couple of days ago. This is my first experience with bluetooth headphones. I was afraid to pay a lot of money for a set because they all seem to have such mixed reviews. I based this purchase on the reviews and the low price. They paired easily with my iPhone4. As for the sound, these offer crisp, not over booming base, clear mid-ranges and highs, and calls are clear on both ends. I also find them very comfortable. I have a small head and they fit perfectly. I just hope they don’t stretch over time. So far I am really enjoying these headphones!