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confused about the specs… listed on amz with 3.0 bluetooth while these say 2.1

Which item are you asking about?

The Matrix boast of 3.0 on the manufacturer’s site, while they don’t specify the bluetooth version for the Venture from what I see. I e-mailed the company asking them to clarify the differences between the two pairs other than NFC pairing and being 5hz lower on the Matrix. I’m tempted, the reviews on Amazon are very positive, save for one person having trouble connecting to the Matrix, and one person saying the sound quality on the venture is muffled. The biggest things holding me back are the mini usb charger rather than micro, and the somewhat confusing placement of the buttons. I still may pull the trigger after I hear back from them.

I brought the Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones with a Mic. The last time they were offered on Woot. I use them with my smartphone, but they would make a nice noise canceling headphone for a flight. You would not have to worry about needing batteries.

It’s sweet.

Nutmeg, I assume you mean noise-isolating.

It took MEElectronics less than a day to reply to my questions.

"Thanks for contacting MEElectronics!

I’ve attached to this email a comparison chart for our Air-Fi products – perhaps it will help clarify the differences a bit. In general, the differences between the two headphones are in Bluetooth tech, fit and finish, and sound. The Matrix has a few extra Bluetooth features – NFC, Multipoint connectivity, and Bluetooth voice prompts. It has a nicer finish on the outside with the matte plastics and soft faux-carbon fiber inserts. It also has softer protein leather earpads. In terms of sound, the Venture is tuned for more bass whereas the Matrix has better overall balance and focuses more on vocals and other instruments in the midrange. The difference isn’t huge, though.

If you’re just looking for a basic, no-frills Bluetooth headset my honest recommendation is to just get the Venture."

You’ve been a member since today, and both of your posts are promoting a pair of bluetooth headphones that no one has reviewed. For $150.00, you’re going to have to give out a few pairs for people to try, and review before you can expect others to jump on the bandwagon and buy. Also, coming to this site to advertise without having any woot rep of your own hurts the credibility of the product you’re pushing. If you’re that confident in the headphones, send a pair to a top critic on head-fi or that white haired chubby guy on youtube who wears Hawaiian shirts, and reviews them in his garage (user innerfidelity). If you have a mediocre product, send them to people who are looking for their first pair of bluetooth headphones and ask them for a review. Good luck!

hey all. I bought a pair of the AF71 bluetooth headphones a while back. I like them pretty well, they seem maybe a little quieter than a wired pair of in ear phones i have, but they work well. Standby and listening time are pretty good. I did, however, just happen to check yugster and they have this pair with free shipping for 47.97.

I have the MEElectronics in ear headphones…they are amazing. Better than my monster GaGa Beats. For Electronic Dance Music, nothing is better, or more comfortable.